5 Reasons Why a Dishwasher is a Great Addition to Your RV

When traveling in an RV, space is usually a concern. An RV is not like a traditional house with sprawling countertops and plenty of room for appliances. Each piece added to your RV must fit within the space requirements and be functional.

Extra appliances in a small kitchen can sometimes seem like they are not worth the constraints, but the benefits of a dishwasher might make you want to reconsider. Here’s a list of our top 5 reasons why you should think about adding a dishwasher to your RV this season.

Cleaner Dishes

One of the ways to keep your space clean is making sure your dishes are spotless. No one likes to eat off of a dirty plate. Not only that, but your sink and your sponge are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Washing your dishes with a dirty sponge means you are pushing the germs around the plate instead of actually getting rid of them. Most dishwashers offer a sanitizing option in order to kill all of the germs. Entertain your guests this travel season with the cleanest dishes around.

The best way to kill germs and remove food particles is with hot water. In order to actually kill the germs, the water used to wash your dishes must reach temperatures of 145 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Putting your hands under water of that temperature would cause severe burns, but a dishwasher can easily handle the task. Instead of risking injury, let the dishwasher handle this dirty job for you.

Uses Less Water

It is almost physically impossible to use less water than a dishwasher when cleaning a load of dishes by hand in the sink. This efficient machine uses a smaller amount of water in a more efficient way.

Instead of leaving the sink running while you scrub, concentrated jets spray food particles off of the dishes, making them cleaner in the end with less water needed.

One of the biggest mistakes most households make is pre-washing the dishes before loading the dishwasher. In the past, dishwashers were not able to handle the grime.Today’s models come with sensors that let the machine know when the dishes are clean.These sensors mean your kitchen will sparkle for your next meal.

More Time to Do What You Love

A dishwasher allows you to reclaim your time for yourself. Instead of standing over a sink all night washing dishes, you can instead load up the dishwasher and then head to your next activity. Energy Star estimates that using an eco-friendly dishwasher can save you up to 230 hours per year.

That’s a lot of extra time to spend doing what you love. Grab that time and run to spend it with family and friends while on your adventure instead of doing the dishes night after night.

Save Money

Less water use and cleaner dishes mean you are saving money in the long run. Cleaner dishes means no one will get sick from dirty dishes while on the road, avoiding hefty medical bills.

Not only that, but you will also save water and energy, therefore cutting your costs of living in an RV. Newer models are more efficient, using less water and less energy. While the appliance itself might cost a bit of money up front, it will certainly save you money in the long run.

Reduce the Clutter

As we discussed before, space can be an issue in an RV. If the dishes pile up in the sink and on the counters, no one has space to use the kitchen. This can lead to tense relationships and even arguments within the living space.

By loading the dishwasher, the dishes are not out of the way, freeing up your sink. Not only will you be happier in your clean space, but the rest of your family and guests will be too.

There are many different models of dishwashers on the market today. It is important to pick the right one to fit your needs and the needs of your RV. For ideas on which dishwasher to purchase, check out our list of the top dishwashers for your RV adventures. You’ll be sure to find something that fits everyone’s needs.

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