What You Should Look for in an RV Lock Before You Buy

An RV lock is crucial for ensuring your family, personal property, and rig are secured. Without the right lock, your family could be at risk. If you love traveling in your RV, chances are you have considered purchasing a lock. If you are using the lock that came with your RV, you may not be as secure as you think.

Why Do You Need an RV Lock?

Yes, your RV comes with a lock, but did you know there are master keys that can open all RV locks? There is no worse fear that feeling as if your family is unprotected. If someone has access to a master key, they can easily gain access to your RV which is something no RV owner wants.

Why Do You Need an RV Lock

If you truly want to be sure your RV is always secure, purchase an RV keyless lock. These locks allow you to put in your own passcode and you can change it on a regular basis to further secure your rig.

What to Look for in an RV Lock

There are a few things to consider when it comes to purchasing a keyless RV lock. As with anything you plan on purchasing, especially those that have so much importance, take time in researching.

What to Look for in an RV Lock

There are now so many locks on the market and it can sometimes be a bit confusing making a choice. Consider the following before making any purchase so you can rest assured your family is safe when traveling in your RV, no matter the time of year.

  • Before purchasing an RV lock, you need to make sure the lock will fit. There are universal RV lock models on the market and these are made to fit just about any RV with ease. In most cases, you will simply need a screwdriver to remove the old lock and replace it with the new model.
  • Material is the next thing to consider. If your lock is not made from the finest metals, such as steel, another one needs to be chosen.
  • Weather-proofing is also important. Your RV lock is going to be exposed to all types of weather, including rain and ice. If it is not coated with the right protection, you will see it begin to corrode over time, making it easy to break the lock and gain entrance.
  • A lock with different options is also important. You would be wise to purchase a lock that offers keyless entry and a fob for ease of use. You will want to have plenty of options when your hands are full and you need quick access.


Most RV owners know they need a lock to keep their entrance protected, but your storage bins are just as vulnerable. Many RV owners keep valuables in their storage bins and these need to be properly secured as well.

Your RV storage compartments always need to be locked or a thief could break-in. Just like with RV entryway locks, there are also RV compartment locks.

If you carry guns or valuables like jewelry or cash, a locking safe is a good idea. A locking safe further enhances your protection and ensures your valuables are safe, even if the thief makes it past your RV lock.


An RV is a big investment and protecting it is crucial. Even if you have a new RV, purchasing a replacement RV lock is essential.

Taking the time to find the right lock now will protect you from problems later. For under $300, you can get a solid RV lock that will stand up to abuse and all kinds of weather. Peace of mind in knowing your family is protected is priceless.

Consider the above information and feel free to browse our website to learn more about your options. The right RV lock should be strong, durable, and impossible to hack or break.

If your lock is old or even if it is new, you could fall victim to thieves that have a universal key or code. Protecting your family and property with the right lock will prevent break-ins and will make your family feel much more secure while out traveling or parked in a camp.

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