Let’s Talk Trailer Tires | What to Look for in 2021

Tires are the single most important thing of your vehicle which ensures the safety of everyone on board and around you. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a thousand-dollar vehicle or a million-dollar one, if your tires are faulty then an accident might be waiting for you just around the corner.

Trailers are heavy vehicles. To support the load and to ensure quality towing experience, we must ensure that the high quality of tires are used. This can be a difficult task for many as there are so many to choose from.

Which is why, I took the liberty of compiling all the information available and present you with my ten picks of the best trailer tires for 2021.

Before I go to the review, it is important that you know about the difference between types.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply

  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Safe to use on all weathers
  • Consistent Tracking & Stability

A Look at the Different Types of Tires

Before you can decide on which brand you would want, you need to determine the kind of trailer tire you would want for your vehicle. They are available in two types. These types are:


This type of tire can be expensive to purchase but this will surely be one of the most important decisions that you will make. Getting a radial type for your trailer will make a lot of things easier your you.

Radial tires are well constructed which is achieved by passing layers of steel belt through the thread center line at an exact 90-degree angle. Thanks to this structure, you can be sure that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Radial type has an enormous footprint which makes them resistant to rolling. Due to this property, radial tires can help you get better mileage.


Bias tires tend to be cheap compared to radial tires. To make them more affordable but stronger at the same time, the manufactures applied cross-hatched nylon followed by steel cords at an angle of 30-45 degrees in the inner layer of the tires.

Due to this built, Bias tires naturally have stronger sidewalls compared to Radial tires. Stronger side walls and low price are the reasons why many buyers are more attracted to this type of tire.

Many among the consumers who have used both will agree on the statement that; Bias tires tend to run straighter compared to radial.

Now that you know everything about the types of tires, let’s move on to the more pressing matter. Down below are my recommendations for heavy loads.

Leading Trailer Tires – Top Model Compared

Image Product Technical Spec Price

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
  • Brand: Carlisle Paddles
  • Size: 205/75R15
  • Section Width: 205 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity: 2150 Pounds
  • Load Index: 107.0
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 75.0
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Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire - 205/75R14 100L

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire – 205/75R14 100L
  • Size: ST205/75R14 C
  • Section Width: 205 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity: 1764 Pounds
  • Tread Depth: 9.5 32nds
  • Load Index Rating: 100.0
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Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire - 225/75R15 117L (Rims Not Included)

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire – 225/75R15 117L (Rims Not Included)
  • Size: ST225/75R15 E
  • Section Width: 225 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity: 2833 Pounds
  • Rim Size: 15 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 28.3 inches
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2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Tires ST 175/80D13 8PR Load Range D - 11071

2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Tires ST 175/80D13 8PR Load Range D – 11071
  • Size: 175/80D13 8PR
  • Brand: Free Country
  • Section Width: 175 Millimeters
  • Rim Width: 5 Inches
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 80.0
  • Rim Size: 13 Inches
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Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire - 4.80-12 LRC

Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire – 4.80-12 LRC
  • Size: ST 4.80-12
  • Brand: Carlisle Paddles
  • Section Width: 4.8 Inches
  • Rim Width: 12 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 1200 Pounds
  • Tread Depth: 6 32nds
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New Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D

New Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D
  • Size: 205/75R14
  • Brand: Grand Ride
  • Section Width: 205 Millimeters
  • Rim Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Load Capacity: 2040 Pounds
  • Tread Depth: 0.29 Inches
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Grand Ride Tires ST 185/80R13 8PR

Grand Ride Tires ST 185/80R13 8PR
  • Size: 185/80R13 8PR
  • Brand: Grand Ride
  • Section Width: 185 Millimeters
  • Rim Width: 5 Inches
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 80.0
  • Rim Size: 13 Inches
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Zeemax Heavy Duty Highway Tires 8-14.5 14PR Load Range G

Zeemax Heavy Duty Highway Tires 8-14.5 14PR Load Range G
  • Brand: ZEEMAX
  • Section Width: 7.6
  • Load Capacity: 3100 Pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 120
  • Rim Size: 6 Inches
  • Speed Rating: K
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2PCS 8

2PCS 8″ White Spoke Tires & Rims 4.80-8 White Wheels Tire Mounted
  • Brand: Qp-SUNROAD
  • Section Width: 4.7 Inches
  • Rim Width: 3.75 Inches
  • Load Index Rating: 590.00
  • Rim Size: 8 Inches
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The 9 Leading Trailer Tires Recommendations in 2021

1. OUR TOP PICK: Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

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Being one of the best tires that you can buy right now, it is ideal for use in a lot of scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for a long-distance hauling or a short distance one on a regular basis, it will hold up just fine.

The selling point for this is it being resistance to wear and tear along with it being heat resistant. For those who are always on the move, the tire is ideal. Its resistant properties make the tire very durable which can be a blessing to many.

The use of excellent materials also ensures the durability of the tire. Most exceptional grade rubber and tread compound are used to manufacture it.

Due to its built quality and resistant properties, this can easily be one of the highest-rated options you can get regarding durability.

The manufactures came up with an ingenious way to make the tires in a way which minimizes the amount of noise generated by the tires while running. Some may overlook this fantastic innovation, but I found it intriguing.

As this is a radial tire, therefor all the properties of a radial type are also present in the product. Properties of this type along with its unique characteristics make the tire a bargain you wouldn’t want to miss.


  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Safe to use on all weathers


  • Expensive

2. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire – 205/75R14 100L

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

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This brand is hands down one of the most popular out there which produces tires solely for trailers. Due to the brand specializing in manufacturing this specific kind of tire, they have reached a point where their name is enough to compel people in buying their product.

People have good reasons to trust them too. If you are planning to get this, you can be sure of one thing, that being its consistent tracking and stability capabilities. The use of Centre Groove achieves this amazing consistency.

Unlike other tires in the market, it is not heat resistant, but that doesn’t make it a bad tire at all.

This has an enhanced design towards the shoulder which allows the tire to dissipate heat faster. Even though it is not resistant to heat, its fast dissipation of heat covers for its lacking.

If you are concerned about its durability, then don’t be. The tires are constructed using nylon overlay method which makes them just as much durable as any other tire available in the market. Its superior material quality and quick heat dissipation make the tires last for an extended period.

I can hands down say this, if you are looking for durable and high quality RV tires then buy this as the brand and this specific tire is well known for being able to handle heavy loads without breaking a sweat.


  • Enhanced Shoulder Design
  • Wide verity of size and load
  • Consistent Tracking & Stability


  • Doesn’t come with rims

3. BEST VALUE: Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire – 225/75R15 117L (Rims Not Included)

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

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Another product from manufactures dedicated to only making tries which are well suited for trailers. It would be surprising though if only one of their tires made it into my main picks. The brand name is something that people prioritize over other things, and Trailer King has the lead here.

Let’s talk about how durable the tires are. The tires are built in such a way that it can easily withstand heavy weights. This incredible quality is achieved using nylon overlaying. Not only strength is obtained using this construction method but also stability. Due to this, consumers love the product.

Designers should also receive a lot of credit for their work. The enhanced shoulder design helps the tires in many ways. The ways that are worth mentioning are an increase in thread life and slower wear. Due to this, you can rest assured even after using them for an extended period, they will be just fine.

I almost forgot about its ability to dissipate heat fast. This characteristic guarantees that you won’t end up with a flat tire even after using the heavy vehicle on the road without taking a break. How did they achieve this characteristic you might be wondering? This is all thanks to the designers.

Finally, the review won’t be complete if I didn’t write about the center groove that it offers. Due to center grooving, you can rest assure that you will be getting uninterrupted stability throughout your ride.


  • Consistent stability
  • Durability at its finest
  • Amazing shoulder design


  • Weak sidewalls

4. RUNNER UP: 2PCS 8″ White Spoke Tires & Rims 4.80-8 White Wheels Tire Mounted

2PCS 8" White Spoke Tires & Rims 4.80

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White spoke makes tires stand out unlike others that I have reviewed so far, and this is also the first bias type tire which came onto my suggestions. If you like attention, then this is the one that you should get. Another design element that I loved about this one is its 4-lug design.

Bias type trailer tires are infamous for their strong and durable sidewalls, and this product is no different. In fact, this one has even stronger sidewalls compared to other bias tires which are for sale on the market right now.

The size is something that impressed me. Large tires can work in your advantage as this will provide you with superior grip compared to the ones with a smaller footprint. Large footprint also ensures that they can handle more load compared to other.

And the loads it can take is indeed a lot. Easily being able to carry massive approx. 600lbs without breaking a sweat. Word of warning though, the tire is only able to carry this weight for a short distance. If you are planning to carry heavy loads for miles without allowing them to rest, then this is not the one for you.

Although the tires decrease the ride quality making the ride a lot rougher than it needs to, but even that rough ride has its advantages. The bumpy ride is caused due to the sidewalls being stiff. This necessarily doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

On the contrary, due to stiff sidewall you will experience little to none sway. This will also give you a peace of mind which smoother rides cannot offer.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Unique design
  • Carry heavy loads


  • Cannot be used for extended periods

5. RUNNER UP: 2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Tires ST 175/80D13 8PR Load Range D – 11071

2 Premium FREE COUNTRY Tires ST 175/80D13

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The Free country is one of those brands which are not that well known. Is that a bad thing? No. This works on our favor as they are providing consumers with a lot more within affordable range. And honestly, the tires are not that bad. In fact, they are pretty good for the price.

Build quality of the tire is pretty solid. Nylon and steel cords are placed in the inner layers of the wall to make the finished product durable. Due to this built, the tires can easily withstand loads of more than 1500lbs. Yes, you heard that right. This ginormous weight can be tough to handle even for the more expensive brands on the list. But this fellow can do it with ease.

Another selling point for this tire is the sidewalls. Sturdy side walls are something which all tires should have but don’t. Lucky this specific model doesn’t disappoint us here. Strong sidewalls can help in a lot of ways, but the most important thing is that you won’t have to be worried about sway while towing.

If your towing involves heavy loads but for short distance then this is the perfect tire for you. The 8-ply rated tire has deep threads. These threads can prolong the life of the tires meaning you won’t have to invest in replacing them any time soon.

At the end of the day, it is a bias type so it has all the properties that it should have. The biggest reason usually why people buy them is for its price, and this is no different. The cost of this product is really reasonable which makes the product a bargain for many.


  • Cheap
  • Strong side walls
  • Can carry heavy loads


  • Not suitable for long journeys

6. RUNNER UP: Zeemax Heavy Duty Highway Tires 8-14.5 14PR Load Range G

Zeemax Heavy Duty Highway Tires 8

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Being one of the most infamous brands out there, how could it not be one of my recommendations. In the market of heavy-duty tires, this brand holds a respectively high position. This is because the brand is quite a renowned for providing quality products.

As the name of the product suggests, its main selling point is the load that it can lift. The load can easily cross 3000lbs if the tire pressure is at 115 psi. This is one of the most impressive tires I have come across so far. Being able to lift that kind of weight is just amazing, don’t you agree?

Durability is not an issue for the tires if you give them proper time to expand by letting them sit under the sun for a few hours. Some consumers that I know have complained that they wear off quickly or are unstable, but this is untrue. These issues were caused only because they used them straight away before following simple procedures.

Flexible sidewalls are another great thing about this tire. Yes, sway is an issue when the sidewalls are flexible, but if you are an expert driver, you will be able to handle a little sway easily. Due to the nature of the side walls, your vehicle will consume less fuel which is especially useful for long distance drives.

Lastly, the product description already said that this is a heavy-duty tire and the description is indeed true. The tires are specially made to be used for high way use under extreme conditions. The product also ensures that you have a stable and smooth ride by allowing fewer vibrations to pass through them.


  • Flexible sidewalls
  • Last for a long time
  • Allows fewer vibrations to pass


  • Rough roads can cause problems

7. RUNNER UP: Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire – 4.80-12 LRC

Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

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We have already taken a look at the radial type tires that are manufactured by this brand. Now, let’s see how their Bias type tires are. I can assure you this; they are not too far behind from their more expensive versions. Although less expensive, the manufacturers have included a lot for the money you are paying.

Firstly, the compatibility of this tire is just amazing. These are almost compatible with any kind of trailer out there. Popular boat trailer brands ranging from Alum craft to Smoker Craft, all can readily be equipped with this tire.

Concerned if it would fit on a utility trailer? Kiss your concerns goodbye as there is nothing to be concerned about. Utility trailers manufactured by quality manufactures can all be installed with these set of tires.

The specialty of any bias type tire is its sidewall, but they can put all the other bias type to shame as the company has somehow made the side wall even stronger than they are usually are. Due to this reason, sway becomes a myth while these tires are applied. Although the previous line is only right if you are a good driver.

The tires are designed to withstand maximum load with less air pressure in them. They can easily carry 990 lbs. at an air pressure of only 90 psi. Fascinating, isn’t it? Although, the issue here is you can just use these tires if the trips are short.


  • Solid sidewalls
  • High compatibility rate
  • High maximum capacity


  • Less durable

8. RUNNER UP: New Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D

New Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D

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The brand of the product might not be the most reputed of well-known out there, but this product surely is lifting the brand’s name up. At this point, we are already familiar that radial type tires provide a smooth ride but at the cost of weak side walls and this one is no different. But there is a catch.

The catch being, the tires comes with Scuff Guard which is responsible for compensating for the weak sidewalls without compromising the ride quality. Too good to be true aye? I really wish all the companies thought like this. It is such an ingenious way of trying to make its product perfect.

Excellent rubber and steel are used to make the tire. This makes their product durable and they last for an extended period. This is achieved layer after layer of steel inside the tire’s inner wall at an exact 90 degrees. If the angle is even one degree short, the tire won’t be as durable as it was meant to be and the quality will be jeopardized.

They are also resistant to wear and tear along with it being resistant to heat. All those three combined give the tires a prolonged life and reliefs you of the pain of getting a new one now and then.

In my perspective, the most important feature of this is that it reduces friction with the ground. Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not that the braking is not good or anything, everything is fine. By friction, I meant being resistant to rolling. This feature will help you save loads on gas money alone.


  • Durability
  • Scuff Guard
  • Resistant to wear and tear


  • Expensive

9. RUNNER UP: Grand Ride Tires ST 185/80R13 8PR

Grand Ride Tires ST 185/80R13 8PR

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It’s not that this was made using magic stones or something, this one can do everything that all other alternatives can do. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it does those same things in a different manner which was rather interesting to me.

The manufacturer is using a nylon overlay which encompasses all of the thread areas. This is something that no other company I know of is doing. Doing so guarantees the durability of the product and makes the tire last for a very long time.

Quality material is used to build this tire. And as soon as you hold the thing with your hands, you will feel it. This is a radial tire, and this type is known throughout the industry for its superior grip and smoothness of the ride. This product is no different.

Same as other radial tires, these too have a flexible side wall which has its pros and cons. Advantages being that the ride quality is smooth and allows the vehicle to be fuel efficient. Disadvantages of flexible side walls being that they can be damaged easily because they vulnerable to sway.

Lastly, something important about the product which is its maximum load and at the psi. The tires should have no problem lifting up to 1700lbs. Above that weight is advised not to cross. This weight can easily be lifted and maintained by the tires at only 65 psi of air pressure. I don’t know about you guys, but the number is quite intriguing if you ask me.


  • Flexible sides
  • High maximum load
  • Premium build quality


  • Sway

What to Look for When it’s Time for Placing your Existing Tires

Things to Consider Before Buying

For every product you buy, you will have to research on several factors related to the product. Wrong information or the lack of knowledge regarding the product might mislead you. Knowing all the key points before buying is the key, same goes for tires.

Down below I will be writing a complete buying guide mentioning all the things that you will have to keep in mind before buying a particular product.

Factors Related to Load Range, Maximum Weight & Load Rating

Tires sidewalls contain all the critical information that the buyer will need, but some of us might be unaware of that. Knowing the maximum weight that the tire can withstand and the load range is significant.

As putting excess pressure on the tire can cause it to explode and if the explosion occurs while the vehicle is moving at high speeds, it can cause serious damage and even death.

The load range for most options is marked as B, C, D or E. Knowing this is the key here. For example, if you own a trailer which is a single axis and you are using a tire which says load range C on the side wall then you will have to have to keep certain things in mind.

First being is how many wheels does your trailer needs to get towed, in the case of my example, you would need two tires, to get the trailer running. The second thing that you would have to keep in mind is how much does the trailer with everything inside weigh.

Usually, load range C means you can easily carry 1820lbs per tire. If you are using two tires then 1820 times 2 will give you 3640lbs. The weight of the trailer must be below 3640lbs to ensure ride safety.

If you are using a double axis trailer, then the maximum load of a single tire will be multiplied by four as it is using 4 tires to lift the trailer and so on. Load rating is another critical piece of information that is made available on the side walls of the tires.

Load rating is the maximum amount of weight a tire can handle when it’s fully inflated. Seeing this will help you to process the information and do the math to calculate the maximum weight all the tires combine can lift, as discussed before.


This is a very crucial factor when finalizing your purchase. Radial and Bias are the two types of tires that are available for the use of a trailer. And each class has its advantages and disadvantages. You will have to figure out which tire will suit your purpose.

If you are planning to carry heavy loads for a short distance, then hands down the best decision would be getting a bias type tire as they can lift hefty loads and are cheap to get too.

On the other hand, if you are planning to use the tires for an extended period without taking a break on the highway or any other smooth surface, then a good choice will be getting radial tires.

Keeping those mentioned above and all other information relating to the type of the tire will give you an idea what you are about to experience when you start using them.


Size does matter, no pun intended. If you are getting tires that don’t fit your purpose then what good will buying those. To confirm the size of the tires, you will have to take a look at the side walls. The information you are searching should be present there.

You will usually see the writing of the sidewalls in two formats. The first one being 4.80-8. This kind of inscription usually means that this tire is intended to be used on small trailers. 4.80 represents thread width, and 8 represents the size of the rim that you will be using along with the tires.

The second one being something like ST225/75R15. If you see this writing, understand straight away that it is made to be used on large trailers. Let’s break the number down for you then.

ST says that the tire is made for special trailers, 225 is the thread width in millimeters and 75 represents the height of the sidewalls of the tires.

And the last number 15 says the size of the rim that you will have to use on the tires to get a perfect fit.

How Often Are You Using the Trailer?

Okay, now deciding this is important before buying the best tires. If you are planning to use the trailer on a daily basis and going on a long ride, then the preferred choice here will be to invest a bit more money and get radial tires.

But if you are planning to use the trailer every once a while and for short distances only when you should save those extra dollars and get yourself bias tires as bias tires are ideal for short distance trips.

Knowing this information will help you save a lot of money and you wouldn’t have to end up with a flat tire on the middle of your road trip. If you want to play it safe, you can always get an excellent quality radial tire.

By doing so, you will be ensuring that you can go anywhere at any given time without needing to worry about your tires blowing up. Word of warning though, radial tires takes severe damage if driven on rough roads. It’s better to avoid rough roads altogether.

Tire’s Life Span

Pretty sure you don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars now and then on tires. You need to get an idea of how much a tire can last for.

And to determine that, you will have to keep several factors which added up will give you a rough idea about the tire’s life.

First would be how you are planning to use it. Tires, the more they run, the faster they are going to get used up. That’s only natural, but this doesn’t mean using your tires is the only way to waste them.

Leaving them unused for a long period will make them unusable. They are made to be used. If you can successfully use them in the right conditions that they were designed to be used on then, you can be sure you won’t have to change them in years.

Secondly, getting the right tires. This is something that you must follow. Don’t try to force fit them. It will surely reduce the lifespan and will cause an accident. Getting the right tires for the proper trailer will make your tires last for an extended period.

Finally, my advice here would be getting a Radial type tire as they can last for a very long time even after using them for miles. They tend to expensive to buy at first, but it is worth the investment as you won’t have to change the tires now and then.

Know the Speed Rating

This is the final thing that you should remember as there is a speed limit at which the tire should not be pushed when fully loaded. They will burst if you are speeding while fully loaded as they will get hot from running and the air pressure inside the them will release causing the explosion.

Leading Trailer Tire Brands on The Market

Now, let us have a look at the most well-known brands out there. The brands that I am about to mention all have excellent consumer reports, and they genuinely care about their customer. Those brands are:


Three of their products has ended up in my list of picks that already gave you guys a clear idea on how good their produced tires are.

The brand has its base of operation in Franklin, Tennessee. This is where they make their high quality tires with state-of-the-art technology.


This company is wholly owned by a family. It is based on Southwest Florida, and they are respected highly out there.

This is because they have served their community for more than 25 years. One important thing about the brand is its customer care service which is quick and hassle-free.

Trailer King

Being one of the oldest companies in the trailer tire making business, they are highly respected even by competitors. For more than 50 years they are making the finest quality trailer tires and became a milestone for many other brands.

Customers have so much faith in the company that the brand name alone is enough for the customer base to get their product.

Power King

First founded in 1978, this is another famous brand which has a built an outstanding reputation for itself. If you want something which delivers consistent performance, then this would be the brand to get.

Another good thing about the company’s product line up is that they offer products of all price range and all the products are equally consistent.


The company’s customer base is spread out throughout the globe. This is because they are an international company which has distributors throughout the world.

For 45 years now, the company has made sure that they keep their promise for delivering nothing but the premium quality products. And they have managed to keep their word so far.



Getting the right tires won’t just cut it, you will have to make sure they are correctly maintained so that you can get the maximum output from your purchase.

To do so, here are some tips which will surely help you to prolong your tires life and make the most out of it.

Tire Pressure

To make the most out of your tires, the first thing that you will have to make sure is the pressure. Ensuring the right pressure can be troublesome to many, but this is one of the things that is a must.

If you are using Special tires, then low PSI will make the them wear out really quickly which isn’t what you would want. ST tires can be an expensive purchase, and it would be just a waste of money if they wore out in a couple of months.

Checking the PSI reading once a week is a must as the PSI can drop at any time due to various reasons.

Over Loading Your Tires

No matter how expensive the product may be, they have a limit and exceeding this limit is not going to do you any good. If the tires are overloaded for a brief moment, the you can be sure that they will be damaged.

It’s safe if you just avoid over loading them all together. If you have a lot of things to carry, take the load in two trips. I am pretty sure the fuel is going to be cheaper than a new set of tires.

Getting Your Tires Checked

Don’t get cocky here, you might be really good at what you do, but you should really see an expert on tires now and then. As the expert will be able to find any issues that you may not be able to find.

Sure, the expert or the maintenance guy might charge you some money for having your tires inspected but do the math here, what would cost you more?

Carry a Spare Set of Tires

You might think I am taking this “caring for your tires thing” way too far but hear me out. No matter if you are using a really high-quality radial tire, if you are traveling for miles after miles without stopping for a couple of hours then there is a slight chance that your tires might fail you.

Consider this as a failsafe. But my advice would be a bit different. I would suggest taking your current tire set off and fit a new tire set.

By doing so, the wear will be divided amount the two sets of tires without wearing one set out completely.

Never Mix Types

You might find the idea ingenious about mixing the tires but you would be so wrong if you did. This is going to be a horrible idea as the ride will become completely unpredictable.

Like if you are using a radial tire, then you know the properties of the tire, and you can plan accordingly and vice-versa. But if you are planning to use them both together, what features you will keep in mind?

Out of many clashing characteristics between the two types, one that stands out to me is that one is made for short use while the other is made for longer rides. See why the so-called bright idea for many is sure to fail.

Cold Weather Maintenance

Maintaining your tires in Cold weather is a different story altogether as it can be a difficult job but if you can do the things below the tires are going to be in good shape for a long time. Those are:

  • Make sure the storage area where you are going to park is dark and cold.
  • Always keep the tires at maximum inflation when parked.
  • Before storing away your car, clean the tires with water or a wet cloth.
  • Valve Steam must be cleaned before parking.
  • Even if the garage is dark, put on a cover to block any sun that might pass through and hit the tires.
  • If possible, use jacks to lift the tires slightly up from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions by consumers of the product or potential buyers. I have picked the main issues among them.

What Causes Dry Rotting?

Several factors will lead to this issue. The prime ones being; if you are not using your tires that often and also the lack of air pressure inside when you are using them.

How to prevent Dry Rotting?

If you have familiarized with the reasons that cause the problem, then just simply avoid those things. If you are not, then sure to check on the tires air pressure when you are about to take the vehicle out.

The recommended PSI rating will be mentioned by the manufacturers on the sidewalls. Viewing this key piece of information will help you prevent Dry Rotting.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to let your tires sit for a long period. Try using the vehicle often as the lack of movement is another way to avoid an unwanted situation.

What is the life expectancy?

This is something that will depend on the number of miles that you have driven using the tires and the type of tire that you are using.

If I had to take an average, then I would say around 25000 miles or five years in total. It’s important to change tires even if you didn’t reach the listed number of miles in the given period.

As after the tires being in use for so long, no one can say what will happen if pushed to be used even further.

Trailer and Car tires, are they different?

Yes, they are. Trailers and cars are different kinds of vehicles which is why it is only reasonable for the tires to be different.

What is the Cost?

Cost depends on a lot of things, but if I had to give an idea, I would say around $30-$160. The bias type tire is cheaper compared to the Radial type.


This was all the information that I could dig up on the best trailer tires currently available.

Before I take my part, I would like to say this, be sure to drive safe and get better equipment’s for your vehicle. Money spent can be made back, but if a life is lost, it will never return. Thank you for reading our reviews. You can also take a look to our reviews for keyless RV door lock lock if you like

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