Things to Have When You Go on an Off-Roading Adventure

Those who enjoy the sport of off-roading adventures probably like to live on the edge and take things day by day. However, even the most skilled off-roading enthusiast will need to have some basic necessities to thrive and be successful in case of any emergencies.

These necessities are water containers, fire extinguishers, extra tires, a first aid kit, a winch, and a camping stove. There are other items that the enthusiast could bring along, but these six essentials are strongly recommended for every trip.

Why These Things Are Necessities

When the going gets really rough and a person is stuck while on his or her off-roading adventure, having water will be the first priority, as a person cannot go too long without water. Next to water, a person will need a camping stove for food and the best camping stoves for outdoor use are the RV camping stoves.

These stoves have a reputation among RV owners for being the most reliable stoves when camping out.

After these two things, the off-roading adventurer will need to have a first aid kit for minor accidents and injuries that occur during the off-roading experience. A fire extinguisher will also be needed in case of a small fire while cooking.

Finally, the off-roading adventurer will need a winch in case something needs to be moved, and extra tires are always needed in case of a flat.

Advantages of Preparing in Advance

  • Water containers are an essential part of any serious outdoorsman, including those who go on off-roading adventures. Water will need to be stored for drinking, as well as bathing. The adventurer can never have too many water containers. Water barrels are perhaps the best option for storing lots of water at a time and if the off-roader has enough space for them, that will be ideal.
  • As mentioned before, having the right kind of camping stove will make things easier when on an off-roading adventure, and RV stoves come highly recommended. They heat and cook the food pretty much as a person would cook on an at-home stove. There is no open flame to deal with an RV stove. They are much safer than using a propane stove. A person would be hard-pressed to catch any serious RV owner without one.
  • A first aid kit is a necessity that should be a part of any person’s care package. It should be complete with bandages of all sizes, iodine, alcohol pads, some type of anti-itch cream in case of poison ivy, allergy pills, pills for headaches, colds, minor pain, medical tape, and small scissors. Sterile gauze, sterile gloves, dressing, anti-septic towelettes, tweezers, antacids, and sting relief pads are also part of the first aid kit. If any party in the off-roading experience has special needs, such as insulin, those needs should be accounted for as well.
  • The advantage to having a fire extinguisher is to be able to put out any small fires that may occur while on the off-roading adventure. RV fire extinguishers are appropriately suited for such emergencies and should be a part of every off-roading experience. The fire extinguishers will weigh from 2.5 pounds to 9 pounds and are not complex to use. Users can get the fire extinguishers that do not create a mess or cause damage to electronics. This is preferred for those fires that must be put out around electrical or electronic equipment. Even a child could learn to use one if necessary.
  • The advantage to having a winch is when a truck, a three-wheeler, or some other vehicle involved in the off-roading experience is stuck and will need to be pulled out. This will also be useful for the off-roading adventurer when he or she will need to be pulled out by another vehicle. With off-roading, there is no such thing as “if a person gets stuck,” but “when the person gets stuck.” It is guaranteed to happen, so be prepared with the proper winch. Winches are more useful than straps because they can be used more precisely and are easier to control when used for pulling. An off-roading adventurer will be practically naked without a winch.
  • Extra tires are necessary in every vehicle for tire emergencies and having more than one would not be a bad idea. It may be difficult to find a tire station or a store that sells such tires, depending on how far out of civilization the off-roading experience takes place. The more the adventurer has at his or her disposal, the more independent the individual can be.

These are just a few suggestions that people who go on off-roading adventures should have in their arsenal, but there are other things that they may think of from reviewing these few things.

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