Comparing RV Propane Regulators

RV holidaying is an extremely popular activity in America, whether you’re taking your mobile home on a trip from one state to another or are boondocking for weeks, months or maybe years. The freedom that the highways of the US offer you is second-to-none.

However, when you’re out on the road, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your RV will last the long journey. One of the most overlooked items that you’ll be wanting your RV to have is a propane regulator.

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Without a propane regulator, you simply wouldn’t have any gas in your motorhome. Appliances such as your stove, oven, water heater and furnace all rely on a propane system to give them life. You don’t want to be without a hot shower if you’re spending a few weeks on the road.

A propane regulator helps your system run very smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risks that come with having such a condensed level of flammable gas. With so many models currently on the market, it can be hard to find the most suitable one for your RV.

So where can you find the best RV propane regulators currently on the market? What features and properties does a reliable and durable propane regulator have? How much can a propane regulator be looking to set you back in terms of price?

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator

  • You won’t have to worry about propane leakage
  • More consistent flow of propane gas to all RV appliances
  • Horizontal Style with POL
  • pre-installed POL fitting

RV Propane Regulator – Top Model Compared

Image Product Technical Spec Price

Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator

Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator
  • Manufacturer: ‎Camco
  • Outlet: 3/8″ Female NPT
  • Outlet pressure: 11″WC
  • Model: ‎59333
  • Weight: ‎9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: ‎10.8 x 5.8 x 3.9 inches
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Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover

Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover
  • Manufacturer: ‎Flame King
  • Brand: ‎Flame King
  • Model: ‎(KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover
  • Weight: ‎2.31 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎7 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Model number: ‎(KT12ACR6)
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Marshall Excelsior MEGR-235 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk

Marshall Excelsior MEGR-235 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk
  • Brand: ‎Marshall Excelsior
    Model: ‎MEGR-253
    Type: Two Stage
    Max Inlet Pressure: 250 PSI
    Weight: ‎1.8 pounds
    Dimensions: ‎6.5 x 1.8 x 25.3 inches
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Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator

Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator
  • Manufacturer: ‎Camco
  • Model: ‎59005
  • capacity:  210,000 BTU/hr & 130,000 BTU/hr
  • Weight: ‎1.41 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎4 x 6 x 11 inches
  • Country of Origin: ‎China
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Fairview RV Camper LP Propane

Fairview RV Camper LP Propane
  • Manufacturer: Fairview
  • Capacity: 262,500 BTU’s/Hour
  • low pressure: 11″ Water Column
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
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Top 5 Best RV Propane Regulator

1. OUR TOP PICK: Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator

Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator

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Our first  regulator comes from a very respected propane manufacturer that is highly rated by Amazon shoppers.

This propane regulator has lots of features that make it highly reliable, it also requires very little knowledge of mechanics to install, which will certainly come in handy for your average RV user – introducing the Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator.

It has a 2 stage operation that means you can regulate the output of gas into your RV with a high level of precision.

When it comes to regulating the outflow, you’ll want a device that can monitor temperature and volume with a high degree of accuracy.

This has an easy-to-use high-to-low knob that will allow you to control the amount of gas that goes into the appliances on your RV.

For added safety, you can choose to completely crank this off during the night for that extra peace of mind that nothing will be leaking. Out of all the products we reviewed this one is easily the best RV propane regulator you’ll find available today.


  • You won’t have to worry about propane leakage with this model, as it will seal tight as a drum when you turn the knob to an off position.
  • The pre-installed POL fitting makes the installation of this regulator a whole lot easier. With its 2 chamber outflow system, this ensures a smoother transition into your RV, which makes it a great model when it comes to safety.
  • You certainly won’t want the gas from your propane tank to overflow into your appliances, as it might result in surging and explosions. It is important to have a smooth and consistent flow to all portions of the machine.


  • A few users of this particular model have complained of leakage on their first use.

2. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover

Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover

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Our next propane regulator comes with a silent noise operation that will be a great relief for people who want to have a sound night’s sleep with the propane heater still running.

This is one of the more durable models on this list, coming with a plastic rain cover that will protect the heater from its common enemies of water damage, rust and other types of corrosion – introducing the Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Gas Regulator.

The manufacturers of this regulator have gone to great lengths to protect a crucial part of the heater which, if it fails, could lead to fatal consequences.

The Flame King is very robust, which is extremely important for a regulator, with a solid steel and plastic construction that will reduce water wear and tear.

This propane regulator can be adapted for two propane tanks, allowing you to connect them both to deliver a consistent fuel supply to your appliances.

The automatic changeover function will ensure that when one tank runs out of gas it will automatically switch to the supplementary tank.


  • The dual hose function on this tank sets you up so that you have a backup in case your primary tank fails or runs empty. You can also set it up to run two tanks at once, giving you that extra assurance if you’re operating a barbecue for friends and family.
  • The solid construction of this regulator results in a very reliable unit, which will be very important for your peace of mind when it comes to leaking.
  • The plastic covering gives it added protection from rain damage which frequently affects metal components of a vehicle that will be spending a lot of time in the elements outdoors.


  • Coming in at 190,000 BTUs, this unit offers the RV owner a little less power than some of the other regulators on this list.

3. BEST VALUE: Fairview RV Camper LP Propane

Fairview RV Camper LP Propane

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Next up we have a dual tank regulator that can be used on an RV that has a 2 tank system and a 2-stage construction that provides the operator with a much smoother transition of propane into the appliances on their unit.

This model is safe and reliable, with over one hundred high reviews on Amazon, which is a testament to its strength – introducing the Fairview RV Camper LP Propane 2-Stage Automatic Changeover Regulator.

This regulator is capable of very high performance, allowing over 262,500 BTUs into your RV appliances, ideal if you have a stove, an oven and a hot shower to power at the same time.

When you’ve drained one tank of fuel, this regulator will automatically switch to the backup tank.

This regulator has a color indicator that will tell you when the tank is ready to be changed, alternating from green to red when the tank is empty.

A regulator must have clear readouts to indicate when your tank is either in need of replacing or refilling.


  • This regulator will work with almost any type of RV, whether it’s a travel trailer or a motorhome with a fifth wheel. It is a regulator that should be ideally used with a dual tank system.
  • The dual hose function will allow you to hook up two tanks to run simultaneously or run one with a backup. Having this flexibility to change your system is very important if you’re planning on going on a longer trip and need more or less fuel.
  • This unit is very durable, always an important feature when dealing with toxic and extremely flammable gas.
  • The color indicator will tell you when your tank is empty and needs changing or refilling.


  • The price – this is one of the more expensive propane regulators on this list. It might not be suitable for people who only take their RVs out once or twice a month.

4. RUNNER UP: Marshall Excelsior MEGR-235 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk

Marshall Excelsior MEGR-235 Reg 2

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Our next propane regulator has been designed by a renowned manufacturer and is backed up by hundreds of glowing reviews on Amazon.

It has a unique raw zinc construction that protects it against environmental damage from water and damp, which can often cause these regulators to rust or corrode, resulting in propane leakage – introducing the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk.

The durable construction will certainly appeal to RV users planning on a much longer trip, built for two tank adaptations and capable of churning out 225,000 BTUs, which is crucial if you have a lot of heating appliances to fuel.

This propane regulator is not only useful for RVs, but can be fitted to cabins, cottages or small houses.

It is a very versatile model that has a good monitoring interface, with colored indicators that will inform the user when it needs emptying.


  • This is one that you can easily install and set up with very minimal mechanical know-how, which will be perfect for your casual RV enthusiast.
  • The raw zinc construction of this model will protect it against many different types of environmental damage that a lot of these metal-composed appliances suffer from, especially when they are housed closer to the ground in wet weather.
  • You’ll want a model that you can rely on when it comes to managing the flow of highly flammable gas into the appliances in your RV and with its sturdy design and pressure monitoring systems, this regulator certainly delivers.


  • Some users have complained that this regulator freezes in sub-zero temperatures. It might be worth investing in a cover to prevent this from happening.

5. RUNNER UP: Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto – Changeover Regulator

Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto

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Our final regulator is another model from Camco, and could be seen as an earlier model of our first Camco regulator.

It comes with another 2-stage system that will increase the consistency of flow into your RV, as well as being adaptable to a 2-tank propane system, making it perfect for a suped-up RV with plenty of onboard heater appliances – introducing Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator.

This regulator can produce 210,000 BTUs, making it a very impressive regulator for a more heavy-duty RV.

It can be used on a 2-tank system, automatically switching when one tank runs out of fuel. You can also use this one to get two tanks to run simultaneously for increased output.


  • Featuring another 2-stage filling system, you’ll be able to have a much higher degree of control of your propane output, enabling you to distribute the heat across your appliances a lot more evenly.
  • The dual-stage design means that you can operate this regulator under extremely harsh weather conditions, which is important if you’ll be using your RV for long haul trips.
  • This regulator allows you to change the propane tank in your RV without losing any of the gas from your other tank. This is extremely useful if you are running low on propane and want to preserve as much as possible.


  • Some users have reported that this device does tend to fluctuate with the monitoring system after a few uses.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Propane regulators for RVs are what help control and distribute a very flammable substance, so you must get the most amount of control and durability out of your regulator.

But there are numerous other features that you’ll want from a propane regulator, such as good build quality and capacity, as well as how much it costs and how easy it is to install.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to consider before purchasing your next propane regulator:

How Much Will It Cost?

Propane regulators largely don’t cost you a great deal of money, as they are only small and simply restrict the flow of gas into your RV.

However, several manufacturers have developed a few propane restrictors that have extra functions such as temperature and pressure readouts.

If you want a higher output of BTUs, then you’ll probably be looking to spend a few dollars more on a heavy-duty model of regulator.

Getting a warranty for your regulator is also crucial in case it malfunctions, as these delicate devices often can. Again, you’ll be looking to pay a little bit extra for a decent warranty that gives you at least a year’s coverage.

What Is Your Regulator Made From?

This might be the most crucial feature you’ll want from your regulator: that it can withstand high pressures from inside and out for a long period.

Most of these models won’t last you forever, due to the high forces they control, the chances are they will eventually malfunction.

The most important thing you can control is when it malfunctions. Buying a decent regulator that lasts up to 10 years can save you time and money in the long run, as well as ensuring your safety.

Regulators come in mainly a few metal materials such as aluminum, brass, raw zinc or stainless steel. Discover all the benefits that these materials have to offer, as well as how you want the heat to be distributed through your appliances before purchasing.

Remember: regulators are also very susceptible to corrosion and rust, so you might want to invest in a plastic coat to protect your precious regulator from the elements.

How Easy Is It To Install?

Ideally, your regulator won’t have a very difficult installation process, as they are designed with the assumption that most people won’t have the technical expertise to install them.

You can fit these regulators simply and without the need of a professional.

Some of these regulators, unfortunately, don’t come with mounting hardware, which can make the process of installation more trouble than it’s worth.

A good regulator brand should ideally supply you with all the tools you need for installation.

You’ll also want clear instructions on how to install this device, which is especially important to avoid improper installation and further leakage.

What Is The Capacity Of Your Regulator?

Each propane regulator has a different capacity, usually referred to as its BTU. This is a measurement of how much gas is allowed to flow into your RV from the tanks.

The higher the BTU, then the more gas – and more power – your tank will be able to produce.

When it comes to power, you’ll need anything that produces over 50,000 BTUs to meet all your expectations, although obviously, you’ll have to factor in how many onboard appliances you’ll need to supply too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Adjust A Propane Regulator?

Adjusting an RV propane regulator can be a potentially dangerous business, especially considering how much lethal gas is inside one tank.

How Can You Adjust A Propane Regulator

Ideally, this task should be left up to a professional, as you want to minimize the risk of hurting yourself and others as much as possible.

When it comes to installing your propane regulator, you should be able to easily do this yourself. Read the instructions carefully though, as an improper installation could lead to fatal consequences for yourself and those around you.

How Can You Install A Propane Tank To An RV?

It is understandable if you are feeling concerned about installing your RVs propane tank, especially if you’re meddling with large quantities of highly explosive gasses!

But, we can help make this process a lot simpler. Follow these easy steps and you should be able to install your tank in no time at all!

  • Examine the exterior of your RV and see if the propane is a horizontal or vertical attachment. Horizontal propane is stored in ASME tanks, whereas vertical connections use DOT tanks.
  • Purchase an appropriate tank from the local store, gas station or auto shop.
  • Place the tank in the cradle, which is the metal compartment for attaching the tank to the RV. Fasten the hose and propane connector to the propane tank’s nozzle.
  • Latch or tie straps into place to provide the tank with extra support. You’ll need to ensure the tank is as stable as possible.
  • Locate the valve on the tank and turn it gently to the right to open up the tank and start the flow of propane. If you hear a hissing sound then this is a sign that you have incorrectly fitted the tank and you should shut off the supply and try to correct the issue.
Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

Camco 59333 Horizontal Two Stage Propane Regulator

  • You won’t have to worry about propane leakage
  • More consistent flow of propane gas to all RV appliances
  • Horizontal Style with POL
  • pre-installed POL fitting

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