Which RV Parks in the Florida Panhandle Should You Stay At?

As the southernmost jewel of the US, Florida is filled with golden sandy beaches, coastal cities, and moss-draped oaks. In such a state, it’s hard to choose one area to visit, yet many RV owners turn their steering wheels towards Panhandle without a second thought. The northwest part of Florida is rich in beautiful nature, friendly people, and exciting cities. So if you want to experience this area, you might be wondering what the best RV park in Florida Panhandle is.

With so many strong contenders, it’s hard to decide which one should take the title. That choice is up to you — in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the RV owners’ favorites.

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Florida RV park

1. Outback Springs RV Resort

Have you always wanted to visit Australia? Well, you don’t have to travel across the world — a piece of the country is waiting in Panhandle! The resort’s two owners aim to bring a laid-back Australian caravan park atmosphere to the US. And so far, it seems that they have succeeded!

You’ll find a beautiful, spring-fed pond with all sorts of fish that you can admire and feed. Nearby, open grass areas stretch as far as the eye can see, inviting you to go walking, jogging, or golfing. If you go a little further from the park itself, the picturesque countryside will greet you with its endless roads, greenery, and blue skies.

The Outback Springs RV Resort has everything you need — washers, dryers, and even picnic tables and fire rings. The owners are constantly working on making the park even more accommodating. Thus, soon enough, the resort will feature a dog wash and dry stand — just what your furry friend needs after a long walk!

2. Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Do you want to sit in the palm shade and gaze at the vast blue sea? Then Carrabelle Beach RV Resort is just the place for you! Go swimming, watch the dolphins, or simply take early morning walks on the sandy beach. All of nature’s beauty that Panhandle has to offer will be within your reach.

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort has everything you need to stay comfortable — friendly staff, laundry facilities, convenience stores, and free Wi-Fi. On top of that, you’ll have access to a swimming pool, pet areas, pavilions, and clubhouses. Even if you choose not to explore the surrounding area, there’s plenty to do in the resort itself!

But that’s not all — the resort also organizes fun events and get-togethers for holidays. If you want to participate, just check out the event calendar to see what’s next on the schedule.

3. Sunset King Lake RV Resort

Get away from the crowd for a while and go fishing and sunset-watching by the lakeside at Sunset King Lake RV Resort. Located 40 miles north of Dustin, this park offers all the fun activities and beautiful nature you can imagine. The resort has plenty of space for even the largest RVs, but it also offers bungalows and cabins for rent.

Sunset King Lake RV Resort

At Sunset King Lake RV Resort, you’ll lack for nothing. There are camp stores, Wi-Fi access in the whole area, a laundromat, a spa, and so much more. On top of that, you can pay for anything you need using a credit card!

And don’t worry — you certainly won’t be bored in this resort. Aside from fishing, hiking, and jogging, you can also visit a fitness center, play pool, or pitch horseshoes. In fact, your days will be filled with relaxation and entertainment, no matter how long you stay.

4. Camp Gulf

Beach RV parks are never out of style, and Camp Gulf is one of the best ones out there. Located on a sandy beach with a magnificent view of the sea, this resort is just the kind of escape you need from your daily worries.

Camp Gulf has all the standard laundry rooms, stores, cable TVs, and group facilities. Aside from that, though, you’ll find a basketball court there, as well as golf cart rentals and shuffleboards. And of course, when you grow tired of these activities, the sea is waiting for you with all its fishing spots.

In addition, if you want the full camping experience, you can also pitch a tent in the designated areas. Whatever you choose to do, one thing’s for sure — you’ll have a more than pleasant stay at Camp Gulf.

The Best RV Park in Florida Panhandle Is Waiting for You

Are you looking for the best RV park in Florida Panhandle? That might be a difficult search — but only because there are so many amazing ones to choose from! Don’t be afraid to explore different ones and see what works best for you. After all, no matter where you go, the stunning nature of the Panhandle will make your stay worthwhile!

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