The Ultimate RV Cover Guide for 2021 with Recommendations

Going on a trip with an RV is a fantastic experience. It lets you connect with the places better and sometimes provides the extra comfort in travels that’s hard to get in standard vehicles. However, keeping an RV together is challenging.

Similar to any other vehicle, it can not only cost you a lot of money but also a lot of time. Luckily, a high quality RV cover can save lots of this time and money.

With one of these, you will protect your trailer from common factors. You will also keep it clean and safe from criminals. And what’s even better, it helps you keep your trailer ready for the next travel. Just take the cover off and hop on the road.

In this article, we go over everything related to the best RV covers to buy. This way, you can learn more about them.

Also, if you just bought a generator and aren’t sure on how to start it, check out our step by step guide now.

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Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

  • Convenient extra-long zippers for access
  • High-quality PolyPRO 3 thick fabric
  • Exceptional ventilation system prevents moisture-related issues

Benefits of Using a Cover for an RV

While many people use them merely for protection, there are many benefits one of these covers can offer, and in this article we will go over the most important.

Less Trailer Maintenance

You don’t want to be cleaning your trailer every month or two. The dust, dirt, watermarks, and so on that a large vehicle like an RV can get in huge sums can damage your vehicle exponentially.

Add the leaves, the moisture that goes inside, the mildew, bird droppings, and even scratches from insects and animals, plus many other similar factors. All of them can be prevented with a cover.

This will also help you keep paint intact for a long time, so you don’t have to re-paint your vehicle after a few months. The same happens with windows that can break, dents, or other similar things that can happen to an uncovered trailer.

Sun Rays & UV Damage

Many people don’t know this, but the sun is one of the worst enemies of paint, metal, and many other materials. UV light tends to corrode and deteriorate stuff, and when it comes to vehicles, especially trailers, this damage can be irreversible.

Everything on the sides and the roof of your RV tends to get a lot of suns, and eventually gets damaged with time. To preserve all those accessories, paint, or useful items, there won’t be anything better than a cover. Especially in parts where hot climates are typical, there won’t be a better option for you than a large thick cover that protects your trailer from sun rays.

Security & Safety

Sometimes, saving stuff inside the trailer is a great idea to save space in your house. And when you do this, the RV ends up being a slight preoccupation for you, especially if you kept a valuable item inside.

To release some tension and make your trailer less of a concern, a cover can help you make it less visible and even protect it against burglars.

While a cover is not precisely an anti-theft accessory, and most of them don’t provide enough security to use it as a measure – it still works to reduce exposure.

At night or even while traveling, a cover helps you make the trailer more secure and less noticeable, even just a little which can be enough.

Saves A Lot of Money

Add all the previous benefits and then put them together. What is the thing you are protecting the most with a cover? Well, if it isn’t money, then you are probably not thinking it through.

Yes, spending a few hundred of bucks in a cover will help you cover your trailer for many years. In these many years without a cover, however, you may spend thousands on paint and fixes for your trailer. You will be keeping the trailer safe while saving lots of money that you may need for more important stuff.

RV Cover – Top Model Compared

Image Product Features Price

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover
  • Convenient extra-long zippers for access 
  • High-quality PolyPRO 3 thick fabric
  • Exceptional ventilation system prevents moisture-related issues
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ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover
  • Comes with exceptional moisture,
  • UV-rays and puncture protection
  • Excellent SFS AquaShed triple-layer protects 
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Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded 14'-16' Travel Trailer RV Cover

Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded 14′-16′ Travel Trailer RV Cover
  • Outstandingly convenient design
  • Hugely resistant 3-ply material
  • Exceptional ventilation system and breathable build
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Wolf by Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover 28'7

Wolf by Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover 28’7″ – 31’6″, Gray
  • Uperb multi-layer polypropylene build 
  • Provides an elastic & very easy to install design 
  • Reinforced corners and rain gutter addition
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ADCO 64861 Winnebago 23'/24' Class C View or Navion RV Cover

ADCO 64861 Winnebago 23’/24′ Class C View or Navion RV Cover
  • Exceptional multi-layer fabric build protects from water
  • Attractive light brown color with graphics 
  • 100% breathable; protects against UV rays
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RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover
  • Superbly resistant PVC lining cover
  • 5-ply build on top and a 3-ply build on the sides
  • Provides outstanding design 
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Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1 Cover for 24' to 28' Class A RVs

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 1 Cover for 24′ to 28′ Class A RVs
  • Resistance against all exterior factors
  • Delivers remarkable 28-feet long & 10-feet high
  • Breathable material
  • Comes with elastic corners
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North East Harbor Waterproof Superior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV Motorhome Cover

North East Harbor Waterproof Superior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV Motorhome Cover
  • Offers a versatile size works well 
  • High-quality SFS polypropylene build 
  • Comes with useful tension panels
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OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Weather Resistant 4 Layers Non

OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Weather Resistant 4 Layers Non
  • Excellent tightening and fitting features
  • Integrated undercarriage strap system
  • High grade material for excellent breathability & protection 
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Amazon Basics Class C RV Cover, 20-23 Foot

Amazon Basics Class C RV Cover, 20-23 Foot
  • Outstanding 3-ply and 1-ply breathable construction
  • Advantageous ventilation system with quick-drying materials 
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels
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Our Top 10 Picks For The Premium Options

1. OUR #1 SELECTION: Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover


Measuring 30 feet long and 118 inches high, this cover is the perfect option for anyone with a travel trailer. If you want to keep your truck safe during long trips on windy, wet, or sunny places – then this PolyPRO 3 Deluxe cover from Classic Accessories will be a great choice.

Everything it offers is useful, starting from the fantastic PolyPRO3 fabric. Using a triple-ply non-woven polypropylene construction, it protects from rain, snow, nicks, scratches, dirt, lighter, and much more.

Your trailer will never get affected by outside factors, making it last longer and reduce overall maintenance needs.

It works really well on very wet climates as well. Using a particular air ventilation system, it will reduce wind stress and will prevent mildew, moisture, and other similar contaminants to damage your vehicle. And when you add the quick-drying feature, you will never experience any humidity-related issue.

For installation, this cover is also excellent. It comes with adjustable tension panels for rear and front tightening when needed. And to make it fit more easily, it comes with elasticized hem corners.

The wiggly fit also helps to reduce moisture and wind lofting that can damage the cover. And with the rope-attachment system and toss-bag – you’ll get an utterly easy-to-install cover.

If you want to enter the RV while it is covered, you will also get extra-long zippers for easy access. But what’s even better – you’ll forget about troublesome transportation thanks to a hugely convenient carrying bag.

Add all of this together including the thick triple-ply cover, the astonishing protection it offers, and the top-notch installation method with convenient features, and you’ll get superb quality you shouldn’t overlook.


  • Convenient extra-long zippers for access when covered & useful carrying bag
  • High-quality PolyPRO 3 thick fabric protects the trailer from every climate condition
  • Exceptional ventilation system prevents moisture-related issues and reduces cover damage
  • Very straightforward installation system with tightening tension panels & elasticized hem corners


  • Does not resist winter as effectively as expected

2. EDITOR’S CHOICE: ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Option

ADCO 52244 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Option


Everyone wants to protect their trailers as well as possible, and the ADCO Designer Series is one of the recommended options for that. With its SFS AquaShed technology and the excellent polypropylene build, you’ll get one of the most durable & resistant covers in the market.

It comes with virtually everything you could need; from rain gutter spot protectors and a storage bag for convenience to a ladder cap to prevent contact with the cover.

You also get an extra adhesive reinforcement material and a weighted buckle toss-underneath for easy installation.

Installing it is a piece of cake with the toss-under buckle so you can snap the sides of the cover effortlessly. The Slip-Seam trapping systems provide a tightening feature. And with the Zipper-entry doors, you will get direct access to the trailer without problems.

The cover is designed to fit all common-sized trailers in the market. But it also provides the benefit of added accessories such as air conditioners, vents, and any other roof item you could have on the trailer.

Finally, it protects like no other. The Triple-Layer SFS AquaShed build with the triple-layer propylene side panels will promote outstanding protection at all times.

Using microporous film, this cover lets a lot of air go inside without failing to protect your trailer. Add the remarkable top panel with rain gutters and corner seams, and you’ll have a neat cover for any trailer.

This cover will easily reduce premature aging of trailer, work like a gem in moist weathers, and even prevent UV rays from damaging your vehicle. So there’s no way you will not enjoy using it.


  • Comes with exceptional moisture, UV-rays and puncture protection
  • Superb construction protects your trailer effectively from all angles & sides
  • Excellent SFS AquaShed triple-layer protects against water and allows proper ventilation
  • Completely straightforward installation with useful buckles, straps, and zippers


  • Not recommended for very hot & sunny places as it loses strength and may rip easily

3. EXCELLENT VALUE: Leader Accessories Travel Trailer That Fits Camper 3 Layer Polypropylene Outdoor Protect

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer


If you have a travel trailer that is either 14 or 16 feet long, this cover can be the perfect option for you. With 8.5-feet width and 8.6-feet height, this cover fits without issues, very tightly and entirely safe for preventing unwanted rips.

But it is not the size that offers the experience you want, but the exceptional material it is made of. Here’s where the thick triple-ply material provides outstanding protection to your trailer.

Add the single-ply sides, and you’ll get a complete cover that prevents contaminants & exterior factors such as dirt and water to harm your vehicle. The material is also wholly breathable which alongside the air-vent system; it eventually reduces mildew and moisture inside while also preventing overheating.

And with the high quality durability, you get excellent UV-resistance that prevents the trailer to get damaged. The corners are also reinforced, so the cover lasts long without breaking.

When it comes to placing it over the RV, you won’t have any problem either. It comes with adjustable tension panels for easy installation alongside elastic corners that help you fit the cover more easily. The quick-release buckles make the cover fit tightly enough, so you feel more protected, especially during windy & difficult climates.

If you need convenience, you’ll get multi-zippered panels that help you access the RV without issues without having to take the cover off. It provides access to doors and engine. You’ll also get space for ladders, as well as ACs and other accessories.

And to make this cover even better – you’ll get a storage bag with ladder cap, so you don’t dismiss how handy this cover is.


  • Outstandingly convenient design with multi-zippered panels and ladder & accessories room
  • Hugely resistant 3-ply material in the top & single-ply in the sides for excellent protection
  • Exceptional ventilation system and breathable build reduces moisture-related issues
  • Fits tightly and safely on most trailers with elastic & reinforced corners


  • Fragile side panels can be inconvenient for some users

4. RUNNER UP: RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer Cover, Breathable Waterproof Anti-UV Ripstop Camper Cover

RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer Cover


For anyone who has a very long trailer, the RVMasking heavy-duty cover will probably be one of your main options. It fits RVs of up to 26 feet in length, 8.5-feet in width and 8-feet in height. This means almost all trailers will work with this cover, especially the long ones.

When it comes to resistance & durability, this 5-ply cover in the top and 3-ply in the sides provides exceptional reinforced PVC lining. This means you get great results, which not only make the cover more resistant and long-lasting but also protect your trailer from almost everything including scratches and impacts.

The cover also provides superb tear-proof, waterproof & anti-aging protection. Thanks to the breathable material and the eight vents, you will have a cover that’s always dry inside and keeps your RV safe.

And what’s even better, it reduces wind stress that can rip or break the cover. This also helps to mitigate moisture-related issues like mildew.

The cover will fit tightly on any trailer without issues, mainly if you use the elastic hem corners & adjustable tension panels. Add the integrated strap attachments with the weighted toss bag system for easier installation. This will not only help you install the cover more efficiently but also fit it well enough to the trailer.

If you need access to the RV when covered, merely open any of the four zippered panels it comes with. This will help you get to the trailer without having to remove it. And if you need to remove the cover for any reason, just grab any of the thick handles in the sides, and you’ll have better leverage when doing it.


  • Excellent size works with almost all trailers including the largest ones of up to 26-feet in length
  • Superbly resistant PVC lining cover with a 5-ply build on top and a 3-ply build on the sides
  • Provides outstanding design with elastic hem corners, buckles, and straps for easy installation
  • Zippered panels with toss bag system & thick handles provide exceptional convenience


  • Very long design may eventually leave too much remaining material on the rear or front

5. RUNNER UP: Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Class A Product – Breathable and Water Repellant


Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Class A Product - Breathable and Water Repellant


Classic Accessories always delivers fantastic products, and the OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Class A is no exception. It will help you protect your trailer using a very strong build with polyester fabric. The design also helps to keep your RV free of mildew and moisture, as well as free of scratches and even wind-related problems.

The cover measures 28-feet long and 10-feet high, so it fits many RVs without issues. But when you add its amazing elasticized corners, the buckles & straps, plus the excellent light design, you have almost no problem to install.

This means fitting it on your trailer will be a piece of cake, so you can always rest assured it is protected by a quality cover. The thing that stands out the most about this cover, however, is the exceptional PolyPRO construction.

The light but highly water-repellent polyester avoids your RV to get any damage from any exterior factor, including moisture, sun rays, dirt, dust, and even snow. It also helps to protect from scratches, animals, insects, leaves, and so on.

When you consider how breathable the material is, you also get significant improvement from many other similar products. This one will keep your trailer always dry and prevent most problems from humidity.

And of course, this also provides outstanding ventilation that helps to increase the protection from weather conditions and to avoid paint damage.

For convenience, you get a tie-down rope that helps both with the installation and storage, plus a highly useful polyester bag of the same color of the cover. This will help you store it anywhere while protecting and making it easy for you to spot the cover whenever needed.


  • Light but strong single-ply polyester offers excellent resistance against all exterior factors
  • Delivers remarkable 28-feet long & 10-feet high design fits all types of RVs
  • Breathable material with vents prevents moisture & mildew from damaging your trailer
  • Comes with elastic corners and several straps make installation effortless


  • Very thin design is not recommended for snowy or windy places

6. RUNNER UP: Waterproof Superior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV Motorhome Cover, New Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer Camper Zippered Panels Heavy Duty 4 Layer Fabric

Waterproof Superior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV Motorhome Cover


Among the prime waterproof RV covers, you’ll have the Waterproof Superior 5th. This one stands out not only for its excellent protective build but also because it is one of the most affordable choices in the market.

The exciting part is that it works exceptionally well for waterproofing. With its 4-layer SFS non-woven polypropylene build in the top and 1-layer in the sides, you will obtain high-quality performance that prevents water from getting inside.

Its breathability is outstanding as well, so it prevents moisture and keeps your trailer safe at all times.

This polypropylene, however, comes with a superb UV-treated coating. It will maintain its color and protect your RV even more from rays than most other covers out there.

And what’s even better, it protects against dust and dirt really well too, while also preventing snow from damaging the cover. But the real advantage comes in the inner layer, made with soft cotton that prevents scratches and abrasion.

When you add the fantastic fit that offers adjustable front & rear tension panel and the zippered access panels for entering the RV when needed, that offer great convenience. Plus the superb breathable air vents that prevent lofting – you merely get no better option out there.

Add the secure D-loops and rope, and you get one of the premium covers in the market. This cover fits RVs that go from 26 feet up to 29 in length. And it reaches up to 10 feet high for the highest of trailers. It will work like a gem on any 5th wheel or toy hauler – so you can have more & better options.


  • Offers a versatile size works well for 5thwheels or toy haulers without issues
  • High-quality SFS polypropylene build with superb water & UV protection
  • Comes with useful tension panels, secure D-loops, and rope for easy & tight installation
  • Provides excellent breathability keeps moisture away plus very soft inner cotton layer


  • Very thin design is not recommended for snowy or windy places

7. RUNNER UP: OOFIT Travel Trailer Option Fits for 27′ – 30’for RVs, Breathable Waterproof Anti-UV Ripstop Weather Resistant

OOFIT Travel Trailer Option Fits for 27'


Everyone wants a durable cover, resistant enough to pass through hard climates without issue – everyone wants a cover like the OOFIT. This cover works for any travel trailer between 27 and 30 feet long and up to 10 feet high.

It doesn’t only protect your trailer, it also offers several useful features for visibility and ease of installation. With the several fluorescent cursors and zippers, you will be able to open up and install the cover on your trailer without issues.

These reflective marks are also on the tension panels and straps, which alongside the zipper lines and the well-designed cover make installation entirely straightforward.

The cover also fits really well on any well-sized RV. With the use of the undercarriage strap system and the elastic hem corners, mounting it on any travel trailer will be a piece of cake. The tension panels also come with adjustable design, so installation becomes effortless in every way.

Add the quick-release buckles, and you’ll have no problem fitting the trailer tightly. It also has fantastic ventilation. With air vents in the sides, keeping your trailer free of moisture will be easy. Especially when you add the useful access panels, you get one of the most breathable covers in the market.

All of this comes from the amazing double-line sewing on each junction of the cover. Using a 4-ply non-woven fabric in the top and single non-woven fabric in the sides, you get one of the strongest yet versatile & convenient covers out there.

Let’s not forget the useful adhesive repair patch and the amazing storage bag, so you get an almost faultless product.


  • Excellent tightening and fitting features to make installation very easy & straightforward
  • Great addition of fluorescent marks, straps, and cursors aid in installation & access
  • High grade material for excellent breathability & protection from all conditions


  • Can feel very heavy & troublesome to install at first

8. RUNNER UP: Wolf by Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer Suggestion 28’7″ – 31’6″ ,Gray

Wolf by Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer


With a length of 28.7 up to 31.6 feet, this cover is one of the largest you will find. Perfect for medium-sized travel trailers, this semi-custom cover promotes excellent protection to your trailer, as well as a very easy-to-install process.

The incremental sizing design helps you get the best from an elastic material. Using a multi-layer polypropylene,

it offers exceptional ability to protect from a wide array of problems, including sun rays, water, snow, and more. But the real advantage comes with its breathability, where you’ll get superb ventilation that reduces overall moisture inside.

The cover is still very strong and easy to install. With reinforced corners, this product will never break or tear unexpectedly. It also comes with a rain gutter, so it prevents damage from gutters that could be very expensive.

For installation, you get a strap and buckle system that secures the cover tightly to the trailer. You will get an easy installation method that prevents you from making an extra effort or wasting your time. This system also helps to straighten the cover to avoid wind issues and harsh climates.

When it comes to getting a convenient product, you also get an excellent option with the additional patch kit.

As it is very likely to get fabric tearing after a few months or years of use, Covercraft added an adhesive patch that helps you fix any breakage at any moment. And for storage, you get a bag where you can save and carry the cover when needed.


  • Superb multi-layer polypropylene build for excellent breathability & protection
  • Provides an elastic & very easy to install design with useful tightening accessories
  • Reinforced corners and rain gutter addition add a durability & strength boost
  • Very convenient set of extras such as adhesive patch kit, storage bag and more


  • Can feel very heavy & troublesome to install at first

9. RUNNER UP: ADCO 64861 Winnebago 23’/24′ Class C View or Navion

ADCO 64861 Winnebago 23'/24' Class C View


For us, the Winnebago is easily the recommended option for snow you will find. With its exceptional build, it will keep everything away from your trailer including rain, animals, leaves, and much more. With a 24-feet length design that fits most Class C RVs without issues, you won’t have a problem fitting it in your trailer.

With the breathable material used on its build, this cover will protect your vehicle from all types of mildew or moisture-related issues.

What’s more, it prevents UV rays from reaching the paint, which eventually prevents fading and cracking.

And when it comes to snow, you won’t find any cover as good as this for the coldest seasons. However, it is the slip-seam strap system that helps you tighten up the cover well enough for a better experience. When you consider the excellent reinforcements on the cover, you get snags very rarely, and tears become almost impossible.

Let’s not forget either that it comes with an extension part which helps you cover more of the trailer in the front and back. Add the buckle cinching system, and you’ll have an utterly protective cover.

This cover also comes with multiple zipper entry doors in the passenger sides plus a rear ramp door. You will also get a ladder cap for covering and preventing damage, a storage bag, and a weighted buckle toss-under to ease of installation. An extra adhesive patch and rain gutter spot protectors will make this cover incredibly handy.


  • Exceptional multi-layer fabric build protects from water, UV rays, and even snow/cold issues
  • High-quality straps, buckles and weighted toss-under for easy installation
  • Attractive light brown color with graphics on the sides also aid when installing
  • Outstanding breathability keeps the trailer free of mildew and other moisture problems


  • Can feel very heavy & troublesome to install at first

10. RUNNER UP: AmazonBasics Class C – 20′-23′

AmazonBasics Class C - 20'-23'


If you want a close competitor for the leading RV cover for winterthe AmazonBasics option is probably a great choice. Perfect for Class C trailers with its 23-feet long design, you will obtain an excellent product that protects and helps to store your vehicle for months without issues.

The construction of this cover is based on a 3-ply roof build with a 1-ply breathable design in the sides. It protects from everything, including dust, dirt, rain, nicks, scratches, and even snow.

Also, an amazing feature is the quick-drying materials that prevent moisture from creating inside, reducing the damage to paint and other parts.

Apart from the materials, you also get excellent air ventilation system, preventing moisture even more effectively and promoting a fresher trailer. If you want to keep the RV stored for months, this cover will help you without issues.

Installing the cover is also a piece of cake. With the use of elasticized hem corners for custom fitting and adjustable front & rear tension panels, you won’t have a problem sizing up the product. And with its design that goes up to 10 feet up, installing will be entirely straightforward.

Let’s not forget the useful buckle attachment system for tightening the cover and the excellent toss bag that prevents you from getting under the trailer to install. All of this together with the amazingly protective material will provide one of the better options in the market for sure.


  • Outstanding 3-ply and 1-ply breathable construction also protects from all exterior factors
  • Advantageous ventilation system with quick-drying materials prevent moisture issues
  • Easy-to-install design with handy tension panels, toss bag, buckles, and straps
  • Fits completely well on almost all Class C RVs without problems


  • Can feel very heavy & troublesome to install at first

What to Look Out For Before Your Purchase!

After taking a look at the huge selection available, you are probably wondering how to pick the ideal one for you. Well, here’s where we need to explain what you need to consider before buying. Take a look!


All RVs are made differently, so all covers must also provide a different design. They should fit a particular kind of RV or two at the same time.

However, some RVs are pretty different from others, so the design of the cover must also be very different than most.

Here, we explain the different types of covers available for different types of RVs:

Class A Motorhome Option

The Class A RV is maybe the largest of all trailers you’ll see. These trailers can be up to 42 feet long and have several accessories and items in the sides & on the top. It is critical to have several buckles and straps for these trailers, as they are huge and thus tend to need a lot of cover.

The cover for these large RVs needs to come with a length of at least 28 feet for the smallest Class A’s and up to 45-feet in the largest ones.

They should also offer at least 10 feet in height so it can fit several items including ACs, ladders, vents, and more.

Class B RV or Conversion Van Option

A Class B trailer is the same as a conversion van. As its name says, it is a full-sized van with several adjustments, so it works like a motorhome. They are often between 20 and 30 feet long and don’t get higher than 8 feet usually.

You’ll need a cover large and high enough, of course, but you can eventually use a small cover without issues. It is recommended, however, to pick covers that have a lot of space in front. As you know, most vans tend to have a very long front design.

Class C Motorhome RV

This is an RV between a Class A and a Class B. They don’t get longer than 33 feet most of the time, and may be as small as 20 feet in some cases. However, they tend to be a little higher than a Class B, for example, going up to 12 feet in height in some cases.

These RVs mostly come from a large truck, modified to have a roof and several amenities. Here you’ll find things like ACs, kitchens, bathrooms, and so on. So, the cover must have a lot of space to fit all the additional item and size the RV may have.

Fifth Wheel RV

A fifth wheel can be as large and spacious as a Class A motorhome, but they need to be towed to move. This means they won’t need as much coverage in the front, but can still be very long and tall.

A fifth wheel that comes with the gooseneck can be as high as 12 feet and as long as 45 feet, so it is essential to have a cover that offers at least 14 feet of height and 46 feet of length accordingly. We also recommend using lots of straps & buckles, including reinforced corners and elasticized rear & front.

Pop-Up or Folding Trailer

These RVs are also towable as the fifth-wheel trailers, yet they are often pretty small and easy to cover up. Typically, these RVs are not longer than 25 feet and may be as high as 10 feet in the biggest ones. So, you won’t need too much cover for them.

With a cover that offers 28 feet of length and 8 feet of height will be enough. But we recommend taking into consideration the measurements when unfolded, as these trailers can become really large & high with the unfolded parts.

Toy Hauler RV

A toy hauler is the RV or trailer that instead of bringing a mobile home or room to the cement, they work as storage for small vehicles. These RVs tend to be really small, but sometimes they are very long, depending on which vehicle they work with.

A small toy hauler may need between 20 and 25 feet of length and up to 10 feet of height. But the largest ones can reach up to 40 feet in length and 10 feet in height. We recommend customized covers for these RVs, as they are all made differently and can differ exponentially. But at least they don’t come with accessories.

Travel Trailer RV

Similarly to a fifth-wheel, a travel trailer can be very long and high, but they could also be very small. These also different exponentially depending on the desired design, and of course, they demand a specific type of vehicle to be towed and moved.

Travel Trailer RV

For these, we recommend custom covers, yet any cover between 20 up to 40 feet of length will be enough. At least 8 feet of height is also enough. Going for several straps, buckles, and other useful accessories can offer a significant advantage when covering your travel trailer.


When it comes to RV covers, you will find four main materials to go for:


This is one of the most resistant to acid and UV rays. However, its build tends to be really thin and not very waterproof. But it offers decent breathability and excellent tear-resistance despite its thin build.


An option for sun protection, polyester will keep your trailer free of paint problems related to sun exposure. It also offers excellent tear resistance and typically provides a water-repellent build.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

If you want to protect your RV from sun, water, and harsh climates, then going for acrylic can be a great idea. This material comes with UV-resistant dyes and excellent coatings that make the cover hugely resilient.


Stronger than polyester and polypropylene, this plastic material also provides outstanding water-repellent properties and prevents it from getting to the RV. It’s also resilient, so it prevents tear and scratches very well.


This is where most people tend to have problems. Finding the right sizing for the cover of their trailer can be daunting. For us, it’s all about measuring the RV correctly before searching for a cover. You’ll need to know precisely what your trailer demands. From the length and height to the width and include any additional item or accessory on the vehicle.

According to that, it’s recommended to choose a cover that offers at least 2 feet than what you need on each dimension.

For example, if it demands 25 feet in length, go for a 27 or 28-feet cover, so you can fit your trailer and just tie it up to prevent remaining material. The same happens with height, if your trailer needs 6 feet of cover, go for one that offers at least 8 feet.

It’s a lot better to have a larger cover than you need than having a small cover that doesn’t help at all. A short cover may eventually tear up when trying to fit or tighten up to the RV. Instead, a loose cover just needs a little tying up, and that’s it, as it won’t break with too much pressure.


Go for covers that offer as many items, parts, and accessories to tighten up the trailer as much as possible. From straps to buckles, reinforced corners, adjustable panel, and so on, these parts can make the installation of the cover far easier than without.

This will eventually save you time, effort, and sometimes even improve the overall protection level you get. So don’t dismiss them.

Access & Ventilation

This is one of the most overlooked parts of covers by many people, yet one of the most important if you want your trailer to be well-preserved under. The access it offers to the trailer without having to get the cover off and the breathability its offers are a vital part, especially if you want to keep the RV smelling nice and ready for travel whenever needed.

We recommend going for covers with air vents, a breathable enough material such as polypropylene, and several zippered panels so you can take off the desired part to have access inside.

This helps to prevent mildew and other similar problems to arise, while also making it easy to get inside the trailer to fix or clean at any moment.

Otherwise, your trailer may end up smelling awful. And when it comes to getting in, you will have to take it all off – and that can be pretty frustrating.

Tips On Proper Covering

Covering your RV is a challenging deed. But once you nail the process, you won’t last too much the next time, and you’ll invest a lot less effort. Here’s what will make the covering of your trailer easy:

Before putting on the cover, make sure the trailer is completely clean & bright. Get rid of leaves, unwanted dust and dirt, and any other similar factor that could cause damage after covered.

Always start putting on the cover from the roof to the sides, rear, and front. This way you can start spreading the cover really fast without getting stuck in the process.

Instead of spreading the cover to the sides, we recommend anchoring the center of the cover to the roof and pulling the sides from the floor. This way you don’t move the other side, front or rear while pulling.

Cover sharp edges or points that could tear the cover with rubber or any soft object. Make sure to use the elastic hems properly when spreading, as it will prevent tearing.

Never secure sides, rear or front before spreading the cover correctly. Always make sure it is wholly spread before anchoring or tightening it up.

Use the straps and buckles to tie up the cover to the trailer. This will secure the cover and provide a snug fit.

Why you shouldn’t use a covering

While using one of these covers may offer significant benefits for your trailer, it may also work for nothing. Here, we list a few drawbacks of using one:

Paint Is Not That Protected

Some covers are not that protective of your trailer’s paint. Whether it is because they scratch the RV or because they let wind or objects that could harm in, they are not always useful for protection.

Sometimes, it just happens that they let too much moisture inside, which eventually weakens the paint.

Not As Waterproof as Expected

For snow, rain, or simply humid places, people always recommend using water-resistant covers. However, they are not really that useful when it comes to preventing water from getting inside.

With harsh climates and rains, for example, there’s no chance a simple cover can protect your trailer from getting wet.

Another disadvantage comes when it’s time to get the cover off, and it’s wet. Guess what, you’ll discover that they are not really water-repellent. These covers, even the thickest of them, will undoubtedly get wet and heavy with water.

You’ll have a hard time taking it off. And let’s not talk about mildew and other moisture-related issues.

Hot & Stuffy Insides

Along with mildew and other similar issues, a lack of air and ventilation will also harm your trailer. When you cover up the RV, bacteria and many other contaminants tend to get in-between and start creating a hot and smelly environment.

When a trailer stays covered for a long time, it’s very likely that you’ll experience awful smells and other similar problems. So remember to close the RV’s windows.

Covering an RV Is Not Easy

Getting over the trailer, passing the corners from one side to the other, stepping over different accessories, having to escalate back and forth, and many other things you need to do if you want to cover an RV.

Usually, this process demands at least two people to get done quickly, but sometimes that’s not possible. This will not only make the process very challenging but sometimes even dangerous. So, it’s important to know how hard it can be, especially if it comes to doing it alone.

More Items More Storage

When we say “items,” we mean the cover, and when we say “storage” we mean a lot of space. These covers are gigantic, they need to cover a whole big travel trailer that can be up to 32 feet long.

So storing these covers can be increasingly problematic. Even those that come with their own storage bag are hard to save. Sometimes they don’t even fit inside the bag.

Not as Reliable as Expected

Most covers are supposed to resist everything from scratches of leaves, twigs, and even animals, up to UV rays, harsh winds, and rain. But in reality, they are not that resistant. Especially when it comes to tear-resistance, these covers tend to fail exponentially and leave their owners with a lot to be desired.

The same happens with animals. While covers can prevent some large animals from getting over or inside, they can’t stop small insects and rodents from doing so. It is very likely, that even with one of these covers you end up with mice or ants in your trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading some reviews and a buying guide may eventually leave many doubts. But going over ordinary user’s questions may ultimately help you get rid of those doubts.

Here are frequent questions from customers.

Which fabric is better for my location?

It all depends. For places with moist climates and mild sun, we recommend polypropylene options, like the SFS AquaShed or PolyPRO that offer excellent breathability.

For sunny places, polyester will work really well. And for snow or really cold areas, we recommend polyethylene that’s a little more resistant than other options.

Do I need to wash my trailer cover and how?

Yes, the cover may need washing every time you take it off, and every time you are going to put it over your RV.

We recommend hanging it on a clothesline or spreading it on a soft floor and cleaning it by rinsing water over it. Don’t use any soap or detergent as it could damage the material.

Can I repair a torn cover?

Normally you can’t, but sometimes when the torn part is small enough, you may eventually fix it with an adhesive patch. Several options out there come with additional adhesive patches that aid in repairing torn covers.

Do I need a custom cover or a standard option?

It all depends, especially in how much protection and durability you want. If you plan to have a cover for more than five years, want it to fit your trailer perfectly, and need the most resistant material available because you live in a harsh-climate location – then you need a custom cover.

Otherwise, going for a standard option will be enough.


If you are really interested in picking the best RV cover, you will have to make sure that you are getting the ideal one.

For that, always remember to focus on your needs, on the size & design of your trailer, and what kind of performance you want. Eventually, this will give you the perfect product.

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