5 Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your RV With a Wash Brush

Spring cleaning an RV can be a daunting task. Sand and salt from winter travels can build up on the exterior, damaging the surface and causing your RV to look dirty. One of the best tools you can have in your toolbox to remove all the dirt and grime is a high-quality wash brush.

A wash brush helps to reach the highest places on your RV and can give you the power to gently clean the exterior. Here’s a look at some things to consider when purchasing a wash brush for cleaning your RV.

Invest in a Good Wash Brush

A wash brush is an essential tool for cleaning your RV. Cleaning a car is not a big deal because you can reach almost every surface, or drive it through a normal car wash to get rid of the last evidence of winter.

invest in a Good Wash Brush

While there are some oversize car washes designed for RVs, they can be hard to find. A wash brush gives you the reach you need to clean all the surfaces of your RV. A high-quality wash brush makes the job a lot easier. They come with extended features to help you get the job done right.

Look for a brush with an extendable handle, making it easier to reach everywhere. You can also benefit from features like rubberized corners to prevent scratching your RV while you are cleaning. For our top picks, check out our reviews of the Top 5 Wash Brushes for 2020.

Know the Details of Your RV

It is important to know what materials make up the exterior of your RV. This will change the type of brush and the cleaners you need. RVs with metal exteriors require soft brushes with specialized cleaners to make the exterior metal surface shine. Painted fiberglass RVs may have a clear protective coating on the outside that needs regular waxing.

Once you know what type of materials you are dealing with, you can invest in the proper wash brush and cleaners to get the job done right.

Read the Instruction Manual

Before you start your spring cleaning project, it is a good idea to read the instruction manuals for both your wash brush and for your RV. Each manual may have important information about the best way to clean your RV. If you do not follow the instructions, you could damage your RV, costing hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Also, the website for the manufacturer of your RV may have some helpful tips for the best ways to clean specific parts of your make and model. A little research may end up saving you time in the long run.

You Don’t Need RV-Specific Cleaners

Many companies market products to RV owners, claiming they are the best for your RV. The truth is, some generic household cleaners work just as well, if not better. Products marketed to RV owners are considered specialty products, and therefore are more expensive than other cleaners. You can save money and clean as efficiently with things you may already have in your home.

You Don’t Need RV-Specific Cleaners

Believe it or not, distilled vinegar, dish soap, and the same window cleaner you use for your home windows can clean a lot of surfaces in and on your RV. Lemons can help to remove hard water stains or salt marks from the winter roads on the metal trim, while vinegar and a Q-tip can work wonders on the window seals.

The only parts of your RV that may need special cleaners are the awnings and the roof. When cleaning your RV awning, you want to be sure to restore the protection from the sun and keep the fabric in great condition. If you don’t take care of the fabric, it will not last as long and will need replacing every few years.

Look for a Multi-Purpose Brush

When investing in a wash brush, look for one that can also help clean other things in your life. Some wash brushes can not only care for your RV but also your regular vehicles, your home, your fencing, any water sports vehicles, and more. Purchasing a multi-purpose brush means you’ll get even more use out of it during all the seasons of the year, making it a valuable purchase.

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