Key Versus Keyless: Which Lock Is Best for Your RV?

Owners of recreational vehicles and those who may be interested in purchasing a recreational vehicle often wrestle with the idea of whether to go with a keyed lock or a keyless lock system. Both have their obvious advantages and disadvantages, and they have their not so obvious advantages and disadvantages.

However, an intelligent decision cannot be made without knowing some vital information. Following is some information that may help an un-informed customer with decision-making.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Keyless Door Lock System

The latest thing with the technology of door locks for recreational vehicles and your car needs is the keyless door lock system. Here is a look at some of the advantages that have lured a lot of people and some disadvantages that have pushed people away.


  • Keyless systems will eliminate the need for drivers to have a physical key to worry about. This is good if they already have a bunch of other keys on a key ring.
  • Keyless systems are programmable to where the security code only needs to be changed if there is a compromise with the system. This beats having to physically change out a lock every time the vehicle is broken into.
  • With keyless lock systems, there is no longer the worry of a child being locked inside the vehicle with the parent being unable to get in.


  • There is the possibility of forgetting the code on a keyless entry system. This will be treacherous if the driver or other person needs to get in quickly, such as if it is raining
  • Keyless entry systems are more costly than a lock and key, and by comparison will be more costly to repair if and when the time comes.
  • A hacker can come and unlock your code to get into your recreational vehicle and perhaps steal your RV accessories.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Keyed Door Lock

There are those RV owners who still are “old-school” or just like to keep things traditional. They prefer to use the traditional lock and key over the keyless system. Here is a brief look at some advantages and disadvantages.

Keyed Door Lock in rv


  • For those who may not feel comfortable with new technology, using a traditional lock and key may be the way to go.
  • A traditional lock and key can be used at any time, unlike the keyless system which may not function if there is a power failure.
  • The traditional lock and key will not cost as much to install and repair if there are any issues with the security of the RV, truck, or car.


  • A person doesn’t have to be a professional thief or hacker to get into a traditional lock and key system, so it really is not as secure.
  • If a small child is locked inside the RV or other vehicle, it may be difficult for the parent to get in. A locksmith may have to be called, which will be costly.
  • A key will be easy to find if you try to hide it somewhere inconspicuous, such as somewhere near your car tires, under the hood, or elsewhere.

The RV owner or potential RV owner has been given the opportunity to look over a few things that will help him or her make an intelligent decision about whether to purchase key and lock or the keyless entry lock system.

If the owner decides on the keyless entry system, there are many models available, and they come as diverse as there are ideas for an RV owner to have. It is possible to change the codes in these systems over and over again as many times as that will make the RV owner feel secure and comfortable.

However, keyless systems are not for everybody. It is alright to want to stick with the traditional lock and key system. Interested RV owners or potential owners of RVs RVs should talk to a certified RV dealer about any concerns they have about either lock system.  The dealer will be able to give them a visual demonstration of which system will be best for them.

Last Words

Yet, it must be said that keyless RV lock systems are the way of the future, as they are compatible with smart devices. I personally choose the keyless system since I understand that the old methods will be obsolete in a couple of years or less. Keyless RV locks are smart devices and smart people will choose them.

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