How to Stay Warm in Your RV and Protect It in The Cold! Tips & Advice

While winter is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some who do not mind the cold as long as they can travel and stay warm in their RV. Knowing how to stay warm in an rv is crucial if you plan on RV travel during the cold months. It is not fun to spend time shivering in an RV when you should be nice and toasty. With these helpful tips, your RV will be nice and warm so you can enjoy winter RV travel.

How to Survive Winter RV Travel with a Heater

I much prefer the summer, but my wife loves the winter. If possible, she would travel all winter long and not think twice. Unfortunately, I get cold easily and our elderly dog, Chloe experiences aching joints in the cold. For these reasons, we knew we had to learn how to stay warm in an rv.

How to Survive Winter RV Travel with a Heater

It goes without saying, having the right RV electric heater is a must. Before purchasing a heater, make sure it will work with your RV’s electrical wiring and generator so you do not have to worry about overloads. You can also purchase a heater that runs off of propane.

Tips for Keeping Your RV Toasty and Warm

If you have found yourself shivering under the covers because your RV just isn’t warm enough, we have got some solutions for you. These helpful tips will ensure your RV stays nice and warm and does not allow the warmth to escape.

Tips for Keeping Your RV Toasty and Warm

Tips One

Check for drafts. Before winter, make sure you thoroughly check your RV from top to bottom for any signs of cracks or damage that may let cold air in. Seal any cracks with caulk and check to ensure no cold air is being let in.

Tips Two

Believe it or not, your RV door could be causing a big problem. We found it helpful to shrink wrap our screen door. Shrink wrapping helps to seal the cold air out and keep your heat in. This simple act makes such a difference; we cannot recommend it enough. While you’re at it, also treat your windows with shrink wrap. You will thank me later!

Tips Three

If you own an older RV, it is important you update your insulation. Putting new insulation in place will help to keep your RV nice and warm during the winter. We recommend installing the highest R-value you can afford.

Tips Four

Heavy-duty curtains and shades will help to keep the heat inside your RV. During sunny days, make sure to open your curtains and shades to let the warmth of the sun inside. At night, heavily shade your windows to keep heat trapped in.

Tips Five

I cannot live without my heated blanket during the dead of winter! Heated blankets will keep you incredibly warm during the night and they do not drain a lot of power. With a pair of heavy wool socks, plenty of blankets, and a heater, you will be able to stay warm all winter long, even if you live in your RV all the time.

Benefits of RV Travel During Winter

Now that you know how to stay warm in an rv, let’s talk about the benefits of winter travel. While most people set out on the open road in the spring and summer, there are some true benefits to winter RV travel.

Benefits of RV Travel During Winter

  • You will likely find the RV campgrounds are much less crowded which gives you more freedom to enjoy the open spaces.
  • Prices at some RV parks are much cheaper during the winter months because they try to entice visitors even when it is too cold to enjoy the outdoors.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than snow during the winter. Being able to park your RV and enjoy the white fluff is something that must be experienced!


Learning how to stay warm during winter RV travel is essential for people of all ages. Using the above tips will help to ensure you do not need to be thawed out once spring hits. As always, if you have any tips we have not shared, feel free to let us know. We love learning tips and tricks that make RV life so much more enjoyable.

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