How to De-winterize Your RV and Get Your RV Ready for The Camping Season

As the winter season comes to a close, you know what that means – camping season! The warm air makes us ready for days spent on the road, enjoying RV parks and all the sites and sounds we experience along the way. If you properly use your RV antifreeze, you should have no leaks to clean up due to burst pipes.

We want to help prepare you for camping season by offering you some helpful information on how to dewinterize your RV. Making sure your RV is ready for the ride will ensure your camping days are safe, fun, and exciting.

Why Do You Need to De-Winterize? How to Dewinterize RV

Much like a bear, your RV has been in hibernation during the cold months. After Old Man Winter says goodbye, we know you are like us and ready to hit the open road as soon as possible.

Because your RV has not been moved in a few months, it is possible there are some issues that need to be addressed. Taking care of these tasks before you set out on the open road will help you to avoid RV travel nightmares.

Important Steps for Getting Your RV Ready for Camping Season

Once the warm air begins blowing in, my wife and I eagerly start planning our excursions. As much as we would love to immediately start our RV and head out, we never do without taking the following steps to be sure our beloved RV is road-ready.

Important Steps for Getting Your RV Ready

Step One

Go over your RV with a fine-toothed comb. Check around the windows, the door, the roof, and every corner for any signs of leaks. Caulk is your best friend and can help seal your RV and prevent expensive water damage.

Step Two

Because your tires have been set up for a few months, you need to check them. Check the tire pressure and look for any signs of cracks or damage. If any issues are present, replace the tires before your trip.

Step Three

Your RV stove, fridge, and other appliances can get a little funky after sitting up for so long. Hopefully, you didn’t leave some perishables in the fridge! Make sure you clean all of your appliances and remove any cobwebs and dust so they will operate efficiently and safely.

Step Four

You must always check your batteries before taking to the open road. Make sure you disconnect your shore power and then check and clean all battery terminals. Check for any signs of damage. Also, make sure to have your RV batteries tested by professionals to ensure they are in sound working order.

Step Five

Test your water lines and pipes to ensure there are no leaks by filling your RV with your city municipal supply. If any leaks are detected, repairs should be carried out promptly. Always make sure your bypass valve is positioned in the normal setting.

Step Six

Check your liquid propane tanks and lines for any leaks. It is not uncommon for the seals to become damaged during winter parking. If you smell any propane leaks shut everything off and call in the professionals. Trust me, this is not a DIY option!

Step Seven

Check your generator for any operational issues. Since your RV generator has not been started in months, you will need to prime the lines. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for priming.

Step Eight

We like to roll out our RV awnings and check for any signs of damage (read about what is the best RV awning? here!) You do not want to be sitting enjoying a gentle rain and find out your awnings are torn!

Step Nine

Do not forget to dump your sewer hoses and check them for any signs of damage. Sewer hoses have a limited lifespan and can become damaged over time. You do not want to deal with sewer leaks during the middle of an RV trip!


Always remember to perform each of these steps methodically so you will be able to thoroughly check and know how to de-winterize your RV. It might seem like a big pain, but taking these steps before camping season starts will help to ensure your RV is ready for the fun and adventure that awaits you. When in doubt, always seek professionals if you find any issues in your inspection.

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