Humidity Levels Rising: Check Out 7 Tips for How to Dehumidify Your RV

Let’s face it; condensation is a big problem for many RV owners. Your RV is most at risk when you have it in storage, but condensation can occur at any time. With excess moisture in your RV, problems can arise with the corrosion of your RV Door Lock or the metal around your windows. You can also experience an influx of unwanted pests because they seek humid environments.

In some cases, the moisture levels can grow so high they lead to rotting in your RV flooring. With this simple guide, you will learn some ways you can easily dehumidify your RV and keep it free from damage.

How to Dehumidify RV? Here are 7 Ways to Dehumidify Your RV

Dealing with too much moisture can become a nightmare. You do all you can to protect your RV during the winter, even using right RV antifreeze to stop the lines from freezing. Do you know you need to be equally aggressive in protecting your RV from too much humidity? The following are some steps every RV owner should take to protect their RV from moisture problems.

How to Dehumidify RV Here are 7 Ways to Dehumidify Your RV

#1 Tips 

One of the best ways to combat increased humidity inside an RV is to use an best RV dehumidifier. These units work to remove the excess moisture from the air, so your RV does not end up a soppy mess. These units do require a large amount of energy, so make sure you are hooked up to run one. It is also important to remember to empty the tank when full of water.

#2 Tips 

Running an RV heater during the winter can also help to cut down on condensation. Heaters help to dry out the air and ensure excess moisture is not a problem. Be careful using heaters with a dehumidifier because the air could become too dry.

#3 Tips

Cracking a window is beneficial for helping to remove excess moisture. Even in the winter, a cracked window can work to combat condensation development, so your RV stays nice and dry and you do not have to worry about damage to your RV microwave or other small appliances.

#4 Tips 

Always run the exhaust fan when you are attempting to cook or shower. This will zap the moisture from the steam that develops and send it outside your RV so damage does not occur. Over time, too much moisture can do harm to electronics, including an RV stove.

#5 Tips 

Did you know letting the temperature go too low in the summer could cause condensation and increased humidity? Set your AC to a slightly higher temperature and use fans as much as possible to cut down on the level of moisture that is created.

#6 Tips 

While many RV owners do this, it is not recommended. Do not dry your wet clothes on a line inside your RV. The moisture in those clothes must go somewhere and it ends up evaporating into the air inside the RV. It will eventually cause condensate on your windows and just about everywhere. Always dry your clothes on a line outside.

#7 Tips

Window insulation can be helpful, especially in the winter months when outdoor temperatures can dive. Putting in window insulation will help to curb the condensation production that can roll down your windows, walls, and into your flooring and cause damage.

Why is Humidity your Enemy as an RV Owner?

While it may not seem like such a big deal to have too much humidity, it can actually be a huge problem. When too much moisture is in the air, it creates a favorable environment for mold and mildew growth. Mold can cause health concerns and damages porous materials. A moldy sofa or curtains does not make for an attractive RV.

Humidity also leads to corrosion and it can destroy appliances, metal liners, and more. Taking the above steps is important for reducing humidity in your RV as much as possible.

Bottom Line

Humidity issues are something we all face as RV owners. This is not just a summer problem, but can actually worsen in the winter. If your RV is full of too much moisture in the air and you see condensation on the windows, now is the time to act before damages begin to occur.

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