7 Situations to Avoid When it Comes to RV Security

After traveling for over five years now, I can honestly say my RV is just as comfortable on an excursion as any nearby hotel. Add to that, the fact that my wife and I can change our sheets when we feel like it, and can brew more than four, tiny cups of coffee at a time, makes getting a hotel room something to be avoided.

Not to say that there aren’t drawbacks. Lack of storage and the occasional loud neighbor are usually the worst, but there are a few situations you can avoid with a little, careful thought.

7 Situations to Avoid When it Comes to RV Security

Unlocked doors 

It is easy to step away for just a moment, get distracted, and then be away you’re your RV for half an hour. In a camp with laundry facilities, making certain your RV door lock engaged behind you takes a distant second to having clean clothes again.

Situations to Avoid When it Comes to RV Security

Those few moments you’ve left your home unattended, however, can provide enough time for someone to sneak in and steal the fire extinguisher, clothing hanging over a chair, pretty much anything that can be grabbed and carried off in seconds.

Unsecured Storage Bins

Even stopping five minutes for gas leaves you vulnerable to thieves. Unless someone is watching both sides of the RV while stopped, it only takes a few seconds for the guy on the pump next to you to open a hatch and steal lawn furniture, your grill, or anything else and toss it into his vehicle.

If you are parked near the back of a campground, the problem can be a lot worse. While you and your family are enjoying lunch outside, the traveler parked on your opposite side can empty a storage bin and drive off. To add insult to injury, the family of thieves might even wave farewell as they depart with your hiking gear.

Empty Campgrounds

Yes, it might be nice to have a day and night without a neighbor knocking on your door, wanting to use your RV’s microwave oven. Keep in mind though that there may be a good reason the place is empty. Some areas are more prone to break-ins due to their location near a major interchange, or because they are more remote than the average campground.

Always try to check out every site online before you park. If it is too late to find somewhere else, at least you know what the risks are and can plan to reduce them.

Unlocked Fuel Cap

In case you hadn’t noticed, fuel prices are slowly going up again. That 55-gallon gas tank of yours is at risk for every kind of thief from a campground neighbor siphoning off a quart to fire up his charcoal to someone sneaking in at night with a hand-pump and a 20-gallon tank in the back of their pickup truck.

Yes, having to use a key to unlock the cap is annoying, so don’t keep it on the same key ring. Attach it to something large enough you can’t miss it, and then keep it in the glove compartment. Pretty soon, you’ll get used to it.

Poor Lighting

This isn’t about the campground lights. LED lights use a tiny fraction of traditional bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Leaving them on all night does not run down your battery, so consider replacing your outside light fixtures with them to discourage unwanted visitors of the two- and four-legged varieties.

Open Door Policy

That might be great at work, but you don’t do it at home, do you? Of course not, and you shouldn’t in your RV either. If you don’t have a peephole in your door, direct the visitor to the nearest window so you can check them out. Most of us travelers are willing to help each other out, but that doesn’t mean you have to open your door to everyone, especially after dark. Check for best peephole for your RV if you need

Motion Lights

A good way to keep visitors honest is to put a light with a motion sensor over your door at night. There are many types that can be set in place with a magnet or secured to a permanently mounted bracket at your convenience. You can also use them to shine a light on your storage bins, but side-mounted fixtures can also wake you up every time someone walks by.

There are risks no matter how you travel. Hitting the road in your RV provides many of the comforts of home while seeing something new every day. So go out and enjoy yourself, just keep an eye on safety when not in motion.

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