Winter Chill Is Coming: 7 Reasons You Need an Electric Heater for Your RV

When winter begins to bring the temperatures way down, many people put up their RVs for storage and wait until the warmth starts to rise. For other RV enthusiasts, winter is the perfect time for travel because there are fewer crowds and the prices are favorable.

Having an electric heater in your RV can make you much more comfortable during the winter. With this information, you will learn seven reasons why a heater is essential.

7 Reasons Your RV Needs an Electric Heater

Some people live in their RVs throughout the year, while some people use it as a means of travel. No matter the reason, you are going to want to make sure your RV is warm during the cold months. Although there are multiple ways to heat your RV, an electric heater is the safest and least expensive method.

RV Electric Heater

1. Depending on where you are in the country, the winter can sometimes be brutal. Having a way to keep the inside of your RV nice and toasty will make travel much more comfortable. An RV heater is just one of those items you need just as much as an RV microwave.

2. Another reason you need an electric heater for your RV is to keep moisture levels down. During the winter, a surprising amount of condensate can begin to form and cause corrosion and rotting, not to mention mold growth. A heater dries out the air and prevents humidity problems.

3. A heater can help to prevent your water lines from freezing. Although you should still use RV antifreeze during the cold months, a heater adds in more protection against frozen lines that can create a big problem.

4. You also need an RV electric heater because they are less dangerous to use. A gas stove can let in harmful gasses that could make the air environment unhealthy. They are also more likely to cause fires. A small electric heater is a safe and cost-effective way of keeping your RV comfortable.

5. If you heat your RV, you will not have to worry about wearing tons of clothing or dealing with bulky blankets all winter long. A nice heater will keep you warm without the extra bulk which is especially important if you are limited on space.

6. An electric heater will also keep your pets happy if you travel with them during the winter. Older dogs can sometimes experience joint pain and an electric heater is just what the doctor ordered to keep them comfortable.

7. Did you know you could do your part to protect the tree population by heating your RV electrically? Gas stoves are nice, but many trees are cut down each year for firewood. Imagine how many trees could be saved if everyone would use electric heat?


One of the best tips you can learn for an RV is knowing how to insulate your windows. A kit comes with everything you need but the hairdryer. Not only does the plastic covering help to keep the cold out, but it also helps to reduce window condensation which can cause water damage to your RV flooring.

It can also help to keep areas shut off that are not being used. Your electric RV heater will work much more effectively if it does not have a large space to heat. At night, try shutting your bedroom door and using a small heater to combat the chill without causing too much electricity or gas expenditure.


You might think a few blankets and a sweater will keep you warm enough in your RV this winter, but you are likely wrong. Some winters can make the inside of an RV feel like a walk-in freezer. Do yourself a favor and purchase a reliable and safe RV electric heater.

Heating your RV this way will help prevent fires and will make the inside of your RV much more comfortable because of warmer temperatures and less humidity. There is no better feeling than snuggling down after a fun day of winter travel in your RV. Keep yourself and your family and pets cozy when Old Man Winter strikes.

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