7 Reasons Why You Need a Good Tire for Your 4Runner

Your 4Runner goes on every adventure you do which is why it is so important to outfit it with the right tires. A good tire not only allows you to enjoy a bit of off-road experience, but it also helps to keep her steady and safe. Knowing the reasons for choosing the right tire for your Toyota 4Runner is essential for ensuring you are ready for whatever the road throws at you.

7 Reasons You Need Good 4Runner Tires

Most 4Runner owners know tires are important. After all, you spend a lot of money on Tacoma floor mats and other additions to your 4Runner, so why wouldn’t tires be a major focus? The following are some of the top reasons you need good tires on your 4Runner. If you don’t know best size tires for overlanding, find out here.

4Runner Tires

1. One of the most important reasons you need good tires on your 4Runner is grip. Your tires need to be able to grip the road properly or you will find yourself slipping around and losing traction. If you ride off-road, you will especially need tires with an aggressive tread.

2. Another important reason for good 4Runner Tires is moving water. If your tires are lacking tread, they will not be able to move water effectively which could lead to poorer traction and slipping and sliding.

3. Having the right tires on your 4Runner will keep it looking showroom nice. If you keep your 4Runner under a tacoma tonneau cover, you will find your tires stay looking nicer for much longer. (And if not, check this out: What is the top bed cover for a Tacoma?)

4. Making turns is much easier and safer with the right stability and this can only be achieved with good tires. Your tires need a strong tread pattern with deep pockets so the tires fully grip the road on each turn.

5. Believe it or not, the right tires will help you save money on each fill-up at the pump. If your tires are lacking tread and losing pressure, you will find your gas mileage is going to begin to tank and this is something no 4Runner owner wants.

6. Your 4Runner is going to have a much higher level of performance with the right tires. If you think your vehicle’s performance does not rely on your tires, think again! Try putting some bald tires on your vehicle and you will quickly see how its performance drops dramatically.

7. Having the right tires ensures your 4Runner will be able to perform in all types of weather, whether it be rain, snow, or ice. Knowing your tires are going to offer the best level of protection gives great peace of mind.


Now, you know why the right tires are so important, but how do you shop for them? Shopping for 4Runner tires can sometimes be a headache, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. To purchase the best set of tires, consider the following.

  • Getting the right size is crucial. You can find the tire size on the walls of your old tires and you can also refer to your 4Runner’s owner’s manual.
  • Check the manufacturing date before you buy, even if they are new. The four-digit code on your tires indicates the month and year they were made.
  • Be careful when purchasing tires based on the warranty. You will likely end up wasting your money because they will not replace your tires prematurely.
  • Checking the materials and tread thickness and pattern are essential.
  • Read reviews carefully before you make a purchase. If there are a lot of dissatisfied customers, buyer beware! Never purchase tires with a bad customer rating.

Bottom Line

Your 4Runner needs good tires to perform properly and keep you safe. If you perform the penny test and see all of Lincoln’s head, it is time to replace your tires.

While saving money is important, you should not purchase bargain basement tires. Although you can save a lot of money, be wary about purchasing used tires because you could be getting less than you bargained for.

Use the above tips to ensure you can purchase the perfect tires for your 4Runner. Take time to research and choose wisely for the best ride.

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