February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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ATV Riders of the AMA

Strength In Numbers

We’ve learned from experience, and we know intuitively, that when we work together, we get more done. We are more effective in battling public land closures. We are more effective in defeating discriminatory laws. We are better equipped to create more opportunities to ride.

Because of that, the American Motorcyclist Association has always represented ATV riders and racers, who have in turn supported the AMA. ATV members of the AMA enjoy the same benefits as their motorcycling peers, have the same ability to compete at AMA-sanctioned events and are part of the same battles to protect our freedoms to ride and race.

In much the same way that the AMA includes all types of motorcyclists—street riders, dirt riders, racers, scooter riders, long-distance riders, dual-sport riders, women riders, etc.—the association also represents ATV riders. It always has. We have one staff in Washington, D.C., defending your freedoms. We have one staff in Pickerington, Ohio, supporting your ability to race. We have one staff, also in Ohio, that designs shapes our shared messages.

ATV riders of the AMA enjoy their own unique benefits, as well. They receive a special card that reflects their interest. They receive American Motorcyclist magazine each month, along with ATV News include every other month. We support them with this section of the AMA website, with information specifically for ATV riders.

The AMA is made up of ATV and motorcycling enthusiasts who are out there fighting for your rights every day. We’re uncovering bad laws and fighting them. We’re working to keep public lands open to you and your ATV. We’re finding you new places to ride, and introducing you to the people who make our sport. We’re making sure the sport you love will not only be around in a few years, but will grow and prosper. You can help us make that happen.

Do you ride on public land?

If you hunt, fish or just enjoy the outdoors from the seat of your ATV, there’s a good chance you ride on public land, either in public riding areas, or in places that help you reach private land you’ve gotten permission to enjoy.

Have you ever thought about what keeps that land public?

Whether the land in question is a state gameland, an off-highway-vehicle area, federal forest land, or controlled by the federal Bureau of Land Management, there are officials who must regularly approve the use of ATVs on the lands under their control. If they change their minds, ATVs aren’t allowed.

The AMA, monitors the current status of riding areas across the country, keeping track of where decision-makers are in their ongoing reviews of what will be allowed on public lands. We weigh in on your side, making sure that ATV and motorcycle use remain high priorities in the minds of regulators. Again, joining as an ATV rider of the AMA adds to your clout when dealing with those regulators, and it helps us be more effective in opening new riding areas and keeping existing ones open.

Looking for new places to ride?

Every two months the AMA's official ATV publication, ATV News, offers an in-depth look at a new or existing riding areas, highlighting what it’s like on the trails, the rules and regulations, directions, and more. Many of these areas, like the expansive Hatfield-McCoy trail system in southwestern West Virginia, are good enough to deserve a visit no matter where you live.

Do you race?

The AMA sanctions the largest collection of ATV races anywhere. If it happens on quads, from ATV motocross, to Extreme Dirt Track to Grand National Cross Country and more, the AMA is involved in it. When you race in our events, you know that you’re participating in the best-run, highest-profile ATV racing in the country. ATV Pro racers are the best racers on the planet.

Looking for information to make ATVing better?

We have you covered. ATV News brings you profiles of people who ride, tips to help you ride better, capsule evaluations, notices of new products and more. And you can find a lot of useful information on this website. Here, you'll also find a "Members Only" area that tells you about places you can ride around the country, and in your own state.

You can become an ATV member of the AMA online or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 262-5646.